Hailey Baldwin Begs Trolls: STOP Bullying Me for Marrying Justin Bieber!

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Right on the heels of Hailey Baldwin admitting that she can't wait to pop out Bieber babies, the newly minted Mrs. Bieber is opening up again.

This time, Hailey is revealing that Instagram trolls give her terrible anxiety.

She also shares that Miley Cyrus prepared her for the entertainment industry ... by bullying her as a child.

Hailey Baldwin on the 'Gram

"Being off of Instagram is the best thing ever," Hailey wrote on her Instagram Story on Saturday.

"Whenever I take breaks from it I feel so much better," she shares. "So much happy as a person..."

"The second I come back on," Hailey continues. "I get immediate anxiety."

Anxiety can vary in severity, but it is no joke.

"I get sad and I get worked up," Hailey shares.

Hailey Baldwin IG story about anxiety

"It’s hard to focus on your well-being and mental health," Hailey begins.

She continues: "when each time you open Instagram someone is tearing apart your job, or your relationship."

It's entirely possible to think that Hailey has made a huge mistake in marrying Justin Bieber without saying it to her face -- or on her Instagram.

Hailey says that critics target her job, her marriage, "or essentially any of the things in your life that are positive."

"I just don’t believe we’re called to live a life where we’re so easily caught up in strangers opinions on something they have NOTHING to do with," she writes.

Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Her Tan Lines

"We need to take a step back," Hailey suggests. "And realize we need to express more love and encouragement to one another."

Hailey wishes that people would be kind "instead of consistently tearing people down and judging."

"And I won't let people make me feel like I'm doing something wrong by enjoying my life and being happy," Hailey asserts.

"This world has enough hatred, hurt, and pain as it is," she acknowledges.

Hailey concludes: "the last thing we need is more negativity, hate, and division."

She's right!

Hailey Baldwin in Red

Some may paint Hailey's post as whining about the price of celebrity while ignoring the perks.

After all, she may feel anxiety when she opens her social media.

Mere mortals feel anxiety when they look at their bank accounts.

But her message -- that people should be kinder to one another -- is absolutely true.

Some people only feel motivated to comment when they are feeling cruel.

We should all aspire to be the best people that we can be.

Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Miley Cyrus on Carpool Karaoke

Of course, Hailey had a little preparation for the entertainment industry in the form of "bullying" from Miley Cyrus.

Hailey and Kendall Jenner appeared on Carpool Karaoke and, at one point, Kendall played "Party in the USA."

(She refers to it as a "classic," which is honestly hateful for those of us who were grown adults when it was the Song of the Summer)

Hailey gets a bit of a surprise when Miley slides into the backseat and begins singing along.

Hailey and Miley aren't strangers.

In fact, it sounds like Miley was one of her first bullies.

Miley Smiles Big

See, Miley has been friends with Alaia Baldwin for a long time.

"I would be evil to her," Miley shares.

Alaia is three years older than Hailey. Miley is four years older.

"She would try to play with us," Miley explains. "Like me and Alaia, and then we would lock her out of the room and be evil."

That is pretty standard sibling stuff. The younger sibling wants to hang out but the older sibling sees them as a pest.

Hailey Baldwin Insta Pic

Miley jokes that what she did was actually a good thing.

"I had to. It made you who you are, you know? It made you stronger,” Miley points out.

“Now you can always take like … the trolls and s–t," Miley says. "‘Cause I was such a troll."

"Miley was the biggest troll to me,” Hailey agrees. “She prepared me for this industry!"

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