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Despite his efforts to throw out the conviction, sentence, and judge, Bill Cosby remains in prison.

Now that Cosby’s sex tape evidence is public knowledge, he may be more afraid than ever that this prison sentence is just the beginning.

In a new phone call, Cosby sounds like he has totally lost his mind. He is paranoid and he compares himself to Jesus.

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RadarOnline reports that Bill Cosby is making bizarre outbursts from behind bars.

The disgraced former comedian is now known as Inmate No. NN7687.

In a phone call that RadarOnline obtained, Cosby says some truly outlandish things.

“They’re using sonic pressure on my head!” he exclaims.

In the phone call obtained by the tabloid, he claims that he believes that he is being possessed by the ghost of his deceased mother.

And that’s not the only super weird thing that he’s been saying.

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Cosby believes that officials at Pennsylvania’s SCI Phoenix state prison are plotting against him or have it out for him.

He also claims that he “saved” the women whom he is accused of having heinously assaulted.

On top of everything, he is bragging about his intelligence.

And maybe he was feeling in a Christmas spirit, because he mentions Jesus.

Unfortunately, it was to compare himself to Jesus.

That is not going to go over well.

Bill Cosby, In Shame
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Let’s start with Cosby’s apparent paranoia about prison employees.

There have been real cases of prison guard misconduct, but that is … not what he is describing.

“I think they have some kind of eye in the cell,” Cosby claims. “Every time I start writing it goes up higher to see it.”

“I think the mirror is rigged,” he then announces. “There is a huge satellite on the compound.”

Cosby theorizes: “Their plan is to make me look totally crazy, so nobody believes anything I am saying!”

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That sounds more than a little nuts. And then he delves into the more than 60 women who accuse him of sexual assault.

“I have empathy for those women!” Cosby insists. “I have understanding for the women.”

“I saw what they were struggling through,” he continues.

“Did I put those women in a garbage can?” Cosby asks. “Your society put them in the garbage!”

According to RadarOnline, Cosby says: “I picked them out of the garbage and helped them!”

That almost sounds like a confession, if a heinous one.

Bill Cosby Mug Shot

Then Cosby discusses his smarts.

He insists that he knows “more about the economy, more about money, more about the government than all the presidents combined.”

At the risk of treading into contentious political waters, does that sound similar to the ramblings of a certain orange man, by any chance?

And then, while many households still have Christmas trees up, he compares himself to Jesus.

“You don’t take human life like this, and sabotage it, and rip it apart like Jesus Christ!” Cosby reportedly exclaims.

He then says: “Now I know what Jesus was going through!”

He also predicts some sort of vengeful apocalypse.

His insistence that he is some sort of martyr and the victim of a conspiracy continues.

“[The cops and judges] are to blame,” he accuses. “I lost my f–king life. I couldn’t get a fair trial! They sabotaged my ass!”

“They’re all inhumane living bastards,” Cosby continues. “And they’re going to get nuked in the end!”

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

This is not a good look and it sounds like he has totally lost his mind.

Prison can be hell on anyone’s mind, even the guilty, and especially an 81-year-old man.

Is Cosby really as off his rocker as he sounds in this phone call?

It is always possible.

That said, some worry that he is deliberately jabbering in an effort lay groundwork for an escape from prison.

After all, if his attorneys come forward with evidence that their client is mentally unwell, they could try to move him to a psychiatric facility.

That is … something to consider.

Cosby is really, really not enjoying his time in prison.