90 Day Fiance Meltdown: Larissa Lima Exposes Colt Johnson's Cheating

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In the wee hours of Thursday morning, 90 Day Fiance star Larissa accused her husband Colt of cheating.

Many had hoped that she was simply upset or perhaps being trolled by someone.

But Larissa has even more evidence of Colt's infidelity, and now "the other woman" is facing a barrage of death threats.

Colt and Larissa on Instagram

"Colt is cheating [on] me with this girl!" Larissa has announced to her followers.

Distressed, Larissa writes: "And have plans to use me until he finish Happily Ever After!"

She shares snaps of private conversations between Colt and this unnamed woman.

"We need to stop talking for a bit," Colt can be seen telling her.

"Why?" the other woman asks.

"Because she's violent," Colt claims, referring to Larissa's domestic battery arrest.

"I just need to deal with her," Colt says vaguely, asking: "Can you just not talk to her?"

Colt is a cheater, 90 day fiance

"Yeah that's fine," the other woman agrees. "Talk to you whenever."

"I'm sorry honey," Colt says. Ugh. "I just have to deal with her then I'll be free."

While no one is accusing Colt of planning anything violent, those are some ominous-looking words. Yikes.

"You are gorgeous," he gushes to this other woman in another message.

In another, Colt appears to say: "I like what I see."

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson DMs exposed

As we mentioned on Thursday, some 90 Day Fiance scenes had made Larissa seem paranoid that Colt was a cheater.

(Remember when she called him an "attention whore" because he complimented a woman's glasses?)

A lot of fans who have been following this meltdown on social media had hoped that the messages were fake.

It is incredibly easy to fabricate text messages, tweets, article headlines, and yes, DMs, and claim they're from anyone you like.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case here.

Because the woman with whom Colt was allegedly flirting online has been bombarded with a slew of vicious death threats.

90 Day Fiance - Larissa and Colt's mistress

"A B-list reality TV star has accused me of flirting with her husband while knowing they were together," the other woman writes.

(Honestly, referring to Colt or Larissa as "B-List" may be overly generous)

"He said they were separated," the woman shares. "And I stupidly believed him."

"I have had 100s of people send me death threats in the last few hours," she reveals.

It's truly terrifying to see the kind of vitriol that people can hurl, en masse, when they feel motivated.

90 Day Fiance - Larissa and Colt wedding pic header

Larissa disputes the woman's claim.

"Colt is wrong and she is wrong!" Larissa announces.

"She was following me," Larissa points out. "She was seeing us together 24 hours!"

Larissa says that her followers saw them "going to gym and doing things, plus he had pictures of us one week ago."

It would be easy for a reality star to convince someone that what goes on Instagram is all just for show.

"She's playing and like the game," Larissa concludes. "Both are wrong."

Colt and Larissa in the Cold

We can remember a time, just weeks ago, when it looked like Larissa was the real villain in this relationship.

Now, it's looking like Colt has been stringing her along for fame so that he can use that to "upgrade" to some other woman.

Was this his plan all along, or is he just insufferably horny?

(A woman claiming to be Colt's ex-girlfriend has claimed online that he's a sex addict with a lot of weird fetishes, but we cannot confirm any of that)

Either way, it looks like Larissa and Colt are headed for divorce.

It also looks like they've cemented their place as this season's most over-the-top pair.

They could give Danielle and Mohamed a run for their money.

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