11-Year-Old Girl Finds Ecstasy Pill in Sonic Drive-In Hamburger

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An 11-year-old girl and her entire family received a hell of a shock when the girl opened a Sonic Drive-In hamburger.

Within the wrapping was an ecstasy pill.

Yes, someone absolutely went to jail over this. Three people, in fact.

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A family collected their order from a Sonic Drive-In in Texas.

The family's 11-year-old girl was opening her 4-year-old brother's meal for him.

Inside, she noticed an odd tablet within the wrapping.

Cleverly, she neither ignored it nor ate it, and asked her parents if it was candy.

Her parents were immediately suspicious, and took the pill to police, explaining where they had found it.

Police tested it, and found that the tablet contained MDNA -- also known as ecstasy.

Sonic ecstasy arrests Jonathan Roberson, Tanisha Dancer, Jose Molina

Taylor Police Chief Henry Fluck, who presumably joined the police after years of being bullied for his last name, shared the story at a press conference.

Fluck revealed that it was not long after the field test results that they headed to Sonic to make an arrest.

As it turns out, they made three arrests.

Manager Tanisha Dancer, 30, was arrested.

So were two other employees, Jonathan Roberson, 35, and Jose Molina, 22.

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Dancer's initial arrest was on an outstanding felony larceny warrant from Guadalupe County.

However, when police conducted a search of her person in Williamson County Jail, they found something a little more recent.

She was, they discovered, in possession of three ecstasy pills.

They booked her for possession of a controlled substance.

Fluck's statement mentions that the pills found on Dancer closely resembled the one found in the burger.

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(This is what ecstasy pills can look like, though these are not the pills from that case)

Dancer was, of course, fired from Sonic.

Following her arrest, she was also charged with endangering a child and delivering a controlled substance.

Drugs may be a complicated issue, but no children should be finding them in their food.

Whether it was malice or an accident, someone needs to be held accountable whenever something like this happens.

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Jonathan Roberson was arrested on four outstanding warrants.

Those warrants include accusations of marijuana possession, theft, and driving without a license.

It sounds like it may have just been his bad luck that he happened to be working at this particular Sonic on this particular day.

According to police, Jose Molina was arrested on an accusation of possession of marijuana.

it doesn't sound like Molina had done anything wrong -- just allegedly something illegal.

Molina, at least, was released on $1,500 bond.

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Sonic released a statement on this scandal.

"The franchisee takes guest safety and food safety very seriously," the statement reads.

"Local police are investigating this incident," Sonic affirms. "And the franchisee is cooperating with police in their investigation,”

“Each franchise organization is an independent employer and thus responsible for its own employment-related policies, practices, and decisions," Sonic says.

In other words, corporate doesn't want to get sued for what one store did.

That's not going to reassure customers that they're tkaing it seriously, howeve.r

"The franchisee has terminated three employees in connection with this incident," Sonic reports.

We've seen restaurants get worse PR than this.

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