The Voice Recap: Which Two Singers Got Sent Home?

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The Voice continued the process of whittling down the contestants as we are fast approaching the season finale. 

With Monday's performance show giving fans much of the same as the 13 hopefuls continued to sing as best they could, it was time for two to be sent home during Tuesday's results show. 

As is the norm with these overstuffed episodes, there were performances that were dull and thrown in there just to pad out the episode. 

Lynnea Moorer, SandyRedd and Tyke James on The Voice

But who got sent to safety?

Sent to Safety

Reagan Strange (Team Adam)

Kirk Jay (Team Blake)

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer)

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly)

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake)

The Voice Season 15 Poster

DeAndre Nico (Team Adam)

Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly)

MaKenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer)

Dave Fenley (Team Blake)

Sarah Grace (Team Kelly)

That left Lynnea Moorer, SandyRedd, and Tyke James to duke it out for that final spot in the live shows. 

Ayanna Joni, Lynnea Moorer on The Voice

SandyRedd (Team Jennifer) - “Believer”

With some of the best vocals this season, Sandy Redd's performance was mediocre at best. Viewers know she can sing, but it sounded like there were technical issues with this one. 

It was like the show was purposefully making her sound worse, and that's a big no-no. 

Tyke James (Team Adam) - “Home”

Tyke was saved by his coach last week, but after some more terrible performances, he's back in the bottom two. It's hardly surprising. 

He's not a great singer, and he continued to drive that home during this dud of number. Did he do enough to make it through? 

Not a chance in hell. 

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice Season 14

Lynnea Moorer (Team Kelly) - “If I Ain’t Got You”

Lynnea returned to the bottom on Tuesday. Initially, she never got a chair to turn at the Blinds, so she went on to move to the Comeback Stage. 

Her vocals improved for sure, but SandyRedd was still the best performer out of these three save me ones. 

In the end, Lynnea got yet another reprieve while SandyRedd and Tyke James were sent home. 

Okay then. 

The Voice continues Mondays on NBC. 

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