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90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield doesn’t let haters get her down.

She’s a fitness model who loves her body, and she’ll flaunt her baby bump in a bathtub if she sees fit.

But her new video has followers accusing her of posting "porn."

Paola Mayfield, Preggo Mirror Selfie

As you are about to see, Paola Mayfield showed off the changes that her pregnancy is making to her body.

"Everything is growing so much," she wrote in the caption. "And it is not only my belly."

Pregnancy can have a drastic impact on your entire body.

"I thought it was going to be hard to see all of these changes," Paola admits.

"But," she continues. "To be honest I’ve been enjoying being pregnant."

"I feel lucky and blessed to have such an amazing pregnancy," she gushes.

Paola Mayfield Shows Off Baby Bump, Butt on Instagram

This was the new footage of her that, as you’ll soon see, got her followers so riled up.

"I’ve been using the extra delicious calories to build muscle while working out," she shares.

"But of course," she admits. "I’ve gained weight."

Paola then continues: "but to be honest that doesn’t bother me at all."

It doesn’t bother her "because at the end I know how to get back to the way I was and I like it #noregrets."

"The most important" thing, she notes. "Is that my little angel is growing strong and healthy."

Paola Mayfield in a Rose Petal Bath
Photo via Instagram

Even before the hateful trolls could fill up her mentions, Paola knew to head them off.

"*Before the #momshaming start with the blah blah blah comments," she added as a note. "Let me tell you this."

"No, I’m not worried what my kid’s friends will say about me when they see my photos or videos," Paola affirms.

"That is way [too far] down the road for me to even worry about," she explains.

"Plus," she notes. "I haven’t even pushed this baby out yet lol!"

We hope that in the dozen or so years before baby Mayfield has friends with free reign on social media, society will view women more fairly.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield Flaunt Pao's Bump
Photo via Instagram

Paola is a fitness model, and she says that pregnancy hasn’t altered her career goals.

"I’m not changing just because I’m pregnant or becoming a mom," Paola affirms.

Good for her!

"I was proud before of who I am," Paola writes. "And what I’ve done."

"So," Pao concludes. "There’s nothing to be ashamed of."

She is absolutely right, and has been just right all along. Sadly, not all of her followers see it that way.

Paola Mayfield: Look at My Baby Bump!

As they have all along at Paola’s previous pregnancy pics and videos, mom-shamers and body-shamers crawled out of the woodwork.

"Have some respect for yourself!" demaned one hater. "You’re about to be a mother for God sakes!"

Sometimes, self-respect is loving your body instead of being ashamed of it.

"Maybe U should focus more on your marriage and baby rather than your body," suggested another shamer.

Her marriage is fine and her baby is healthy.

Then another accused Pao of posting "porn" and insisted that she get "some self respect and modesty."

Boy on Tap
Photo via Instagram

Anyone who thinks that an innocuous Instagram video of a non-nude pregnant woman is "porn" has some truly alarming tastes.

There was nothing pornographic about Paola’s video.

She showed the cheeks of her butt, as she has done countless times before, both as a model and as a human being who goes to the beach.

There is of course nothing wrong with sex work, but Paola was not engaging in that.

She’s just showing her body in the mirror.

Some people won’t be satisfied until every woman dons a nun’s habit.