Meghan Markle's Weed-Dealing Nephew: I Can't Wait to Ruin Her Life!

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Meghan Markle's life is a pretty mixed bag these days.

Don't get us wrong, it's mostly good stuff, what with marrying the world's most eligible bachelor, becoming a Duchess, being pregnant with her first child, etc. 

Meghan Markle: Pregnant in Red

Unfortunately, Meghan's awful family remains hell-bent on ruining what should be the happiest time in her life.

And while we doubt they've been successful in that goal, the fear of what shenanigans her idiot relatives will engage in next must be a frequent source of anxiety for the Duchess of Sussex.

Most of the awfulness comes courtesy of Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Grant, who has basically made a career of trashing her estranged semi-sibling, and recently revealed that she's solely in it for the money.

That also seems to be the case with Meg's nephew, Tyler Dooley, who's been doing everything in his power to get rich from his association to Meghan.

Meghan Markle, So Pregnant

You may remember Dooley from his attempts to use the royal wedding as an opportunity to market his trademarked cannabis strain, which he's dubbed -- what else? -- "Markle Sparkle."

Now, Dooley is set to appear on a reality show with a cast full of coattail-riders who have tenuous ties to the royal family.

And even the people who cast him seem to realize the move was a mistake.

"Tyler talks a lot about Meghan," says the show's producer, who goes by the extremely-British name of Archie Manners.

Meghan Markle Bends Down

"The public will learn his side of what was an interesting summer for that family," Manners adds.

"They'll learn some things about Meghan and the Markle family that will be shocking, surprising and perhaps change people's opinions on what's gone on."

Oh, what a surprise!

Tyler is gonna dish more dirt about Meghan!

In Fiji

Nice to see him getting in on the family business.

"I think the cast initially thought, 'Oh this is fun, the producers have sent in a brash American,'" Manners says of the moment Tyler was introduced.

"But then he says, 'I’m Meghan Markle’s nephew. I was initially surprised he agreed to do it. I thought it was great for the show but I also thought, 'Haven’t the Markles gone through enough?'

"But Tyler does present another side to the Markle saga," Manners said.

Meghan Markle is Pregnant

As for Tyler, he basically admits he knows nothing about his aunt's life:

“It’s a whole different lifestyle change from American culture," Tyler said when asked about life as a Royal.

“From living with a bunch of royals I give mad props to Meghan. It’s just amazing how she can adapt to the royal life so easily.”

We're sure Meghan was eagerly awaiting Tyler's mad props.

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