Married at First Sight: Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson Finalize Divorce

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Late this summer, we reported that it's over for Married at first Sight couple Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally.

These two had a contentious relationship on screen.

But their divorce has happened surprisingly quickly -- and has now been finalized.

Embrace for Mia

RadarOnline reports that the at-first-sight marriage between Mia Bally and (the other) Tristan Thompson is over.


According to court documents obtained from the Dallas County District Court, the hearing to finalize their divorce took place on November 5.

Mia Bally was reportedly present and agreed to the terms of the Final Decree of Divorce.

Tristan was not present at the time, but documents indicate that he also agreed to the terms.

Tristan with Mia

The court documents read: "It is ordered that the Petitioner and Respondent are divorced."

Mia Bally has what the court considers to be her sole separate property.

That includes the reciept of certain property, money, and vehicles -- among other things.

Tristan has agreed to give her his interest in those properties.

By agreeing to this Final Decree, he has agreed to sign any documents required to surrender ownership of that property to her.

Tristan Thompson (The Other One)

Mia has to do the same for Tristan, who will also get ana llotment of property, money, and vehicles as his sole personal property.

One of those pieces of property is his 2015 BMW.

They are each expected to pay any all taxes, bills, liens on any of their respective sole property, both now and in the future.

(In other words, Mia isn't liable if Tristan owes, say, a tax payment on his BMW)

Also, Mia's maiden name has been restored.

Name changes can be a tremendous hassle, to the point where some people don't even change them when they get divorced.

But for many, it feels worth it.

Mia Bally with Tristan Thompson

All things considered, this has been a very speedy divorce process.

Mia filed for divorce from Tristan on September 4, 2018.

"The marriage has become insupportable," Mia's petition for divorce read.

The petition continued: "due to discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marital relationship."

The petition concluded: "and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation."

All things considered, the two had an incredibly rocky relationship and it's nothing short of amazing that their divorce lasted for only two months.

Tristan Thompson on Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight made it pretty clear that Tristan had a difficult time trusting Mia.

There was Mia's arrest when she was on her way to their honeymoon.

She claimed that she was only arrested because someone stole her identity. She later admitted that she had lied.

That very bumpy start continued when Tristan and viewers learned that Mia was using a dating app.

Ultimately, they decided to stay married ... but then whatever they had fizzled out after the cameras stopped recording.

Marriages that went well until they soured can sometimes take years of contentious fighting before the divorce is finalized.

Maybe Tristan and Mia managed such a speedy, apparently amicable divorce because they never had that much passion.

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