Half-Naked Woman Crashes Through Restaurant Ceiling ... TWICE!

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A 26-year-old woman burst through the ceiling and fell in a Tennessee fast food restaurant.

What makes it extra strange is that she did so while half-naked.

What makes this absolutely mind-boggling is that she did it twice.

harley c morton mugshot

So, for context, Cook Out is a delicious fast food restaurant that offers burgers and barbeque.

Earlier this week, a Cook Out employee called the police at about 10pm.

(Cook Out generally stays open until 3am or 4am, which makes them a favored restaurant for partiers and night owls)

According to the employee's call, she saw a woman burstin through the ceiling tile.

The woman was then able to pull herself up and retreat back into the ceiling.

cook out milkshakes

Officers responded to the call, and found some damage in the kitchen.

Additionally, they found what appeared to be the ceiling woman's wallet on the building's roof.

Police were still on the scene when the woman fell through the ceiling a second time.

This time, she was unable to scramble back up, and attempted to exit the kitchen.

Police apprehended the woman identified as Harley C. Morton.

They also noticed that she was naked from the waste down.

Morton was transported to jail and charged with criminal trespass, vandalism, and disorderly conduct.

cook out mascot

Most Cook Out locations do not have indoor dining areas.

They rely upon drive-through and walk-up customers and may have picnic tables.

This location did have a dining room, but there is tragically no known video of this woman's bizarre emergence from the ceiling.

"Fortunately," a term that we use very loosely in this instance, this is not a unique phenomena.

Wasn't it just last September that a woman fell through the ceiling of a Mexican restaurant in California?

That fall through the ceiling was captured on video, and you can see that for yourself:

California restaurant woman ceiling fall

So, the Cook Out incident probably looked something like this, but without the red ceiling.

And instead of customers looking on in awe, you probably had Cook Out kitchen employees just an hour or two into their shift reacting.

Some may have freaked out.

Others almost certainly responded by thinking that it's not the weirdest thing they've ever seen at Cook Out.

In broad daylight, I once watched a man place his order at a walk-up window and then jog, while screaming repeatedly, around the building to access the bathroom facilities.

He continued to scream, with short pauses, while in the bathroom.

People go to Cook Out for the food and especially for their famous milkshakes, but seeing the absolute weirdest humans on Earth is part of the experience.

cook out sign

We hope that this story provides entertainment and does not discourage anyone from visiting Cook Out.

Their milkshakes are famous for a reason. Their food is also almost unbelievably cheap.

Full disclosure, I did not even know that they had locations in Tennessee.

(Also, I absolutely recommend their quesadillas)

We hope that Ms. Morton is okay. There are still no indications of why she was in the ceiling.

Hopefully, she is getting whatever help she needs. And hopefully Cook Out has already mended its ceiling and made their building a little less accessible.

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