Future May Be Threatening to Murder His 6th Baby Mama

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Future may have gotten a woman pregnant, according to a new report.

This is not exactly major news, considering Future has gotten five previous women pregnant.

Future Raps

But the far more pressing issue with this latest alleged lover, Eliza Reign, is that she says Future is thinking about ending her life because she refuses to abort hs child.

Yes, Reign is accusing the rapper of plotting to have her murdered.

In a since-deleted Instagram message, Reign took followers through her relationship with the musician, stating that it started two years ago.

“I tried my best to keep this a secret, not only for my own sanity, but due to the fact I know (or thought) my child’s father deeply appreciated his privacy," wrote Eliza of her romance with Future and the baby she says she is carrying in her womb as a result of it.

Here is a photo of Reign, by the way, in case you were wondering why Future may have jumped into bed with her:

Eliza Reign

Reign went on to explain that she and Future had a “good friendship” even though they weren’t a “very serious thing.”

In other words: They were mostly just boning.

Which is totally fine, of course. No judgment here.

"I’ve always respected him and thought he was an amazing guy," wrote Eliza, adding that everything changed when she told Future she was pregnant.

This is what she wrote on the topic:

“Eventually I found out I was pregnant and I let him know. He obviously wasn’t happy about it but wasn’t very forceful strong about getting rid of it either.

"However, he asked me to have an abortion. I thought seriously about it but waited a few weeks."

Future in Atlanta

Ultimately, Eliza chose to keep the child.

When she told Future of this decision, he “went ballistic," she alleges. And then it REALLY gets crazy!

Reign claims that the star sent members of his team to her workplace to threaten her. And she means seriously threaten her.

“I got a call from someone telling me to ‘be careful I heard Future want yo head," she said in this post, adding:

"[I was] thinking this can’t be true [because] he’s a decent guy and most importantly he’s too successful to talk like that."

But Eliza alleges she learned that Future reportedly even had a bounty on her head. 

future on the stage

“Never thought that a person with 5 baby mamas would want the 6th one dead. It’s truly heartbreaking,” she said.

To be fair, wanting even just your first baby mama dead is pretty terrible.

The model concluded her lengthy statement by confessing that although she was still living in fear, she hoped that making this allegation public would “make [Future] back off.”

Which is true:

We mean, if Eliza Reign really is found murdered now, Future will have a ton of explaining to do.

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