American Horror Story Recap: The Rise of Satan

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Michael Langdon is all about bringing the world to an end. 

On Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story, the spawn of Satan continued to try and come to terms with the path set out for him, 

At the top of the hour, Cordelia wasted no time in telling Michael that Miriam was burnt at the stake. 

Cody Fern on American Horror Story

Not one to mince his words, Michael claimed that he would be taking all of the witches down the moment he managed to bring his mentor back into the land of the living. 

"It’s over,” said Cordelia. “We know who you are. Your allies are all dead. You’ve failed.”

Just when it seemed like Michael hit rock bottom, he decided to spend several days in a pentagram circle, waiting for his father to tell him what to do next. 

When nothing much of not happened, the villain started roaming the streets and found himself inside a gathering in the Church of Satan because there's apparently one on every street. 

Sarah Paulson as Cordelia

“I’ve seen bad facelifts that are more evil than you!” shrieked the leader of the building to some of her minions. 

But the people who attended the church had decided to embrace an evil lifestyle and were somehow being rewarded by getting dates with the likes of Ryan Reynolds. 

Michael revealed he was the person they were all waiting for, and everyone inside the church wanted to be as close to him as they possibly could be. 

American Horror Story Season 8 Poster

It still wasn't enough for Michael. He didn't know what was expected of him, so he continued to take his anguish out on his new allies. 

One of his new allies, however, knew the full extent of Michael's pain after he revealed what happened to Miriam. 

The woman then took him on a ride to Northern California to a compound which is all about making the latest sex robots. 

Sarah Paulson as Wilhemina Venable

The two men running things were coke addicted and had bowl cuts. It was all a little too much, but the saving grace of this installment was learning that Venable was working as the assistant. 

Both men complained that Michael was lying about being the Antichrist ... until the villain set a woman on fire!

Michael managed to get them to craft a robotic version of Miriam, and all seemed right in the world of Michael Langdon for a hot minute. 

What comes next? 

We have no clue, but we'll find out next Wednesday on the next episode.

What are your thoughts on the latest installment?

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