The Walking Dead Recap: Who's The Killer?

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The final path for Rick and Maggie is starting to take shape. 

As previously reported, both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are departing The Walking Dead during the first half of the current season. 

Sunday's episode picked up Justin becoming a member of the undead, but all of the communities had no idea where he was. 

Maggie and Daryl - The Walking Dead

The Saviors were especially mad because they knew something happened to him, but the person was just going to get away with it. 

As all the communities tried to find him, Maggie noticed the reanimated version of him looking for some fine dining on the streets. 

Among the pool of suspects in the spate of disappearances were Daryl, Maggie, and Jadis. Daryl and Maggie have long been against the Saviors, and for a good reason. 

But Jadis had an alibi ... or so we thought. Gabriel told the others she was him the night Justin went missing, so she could not be the one in the frame. 

After yet another big bust-up, Alden opened up to Rick about the Saviors feeling more at ease if they were trusted to have a firearm. 

Jadis Takes Aim - The Walking Dead

Rick was not ready to reason with him and said that it was not out of the question. It was all a matter of finding out who was responsible for these disappearances. 

“You trust me, don’t you?” Alden said to Maggie. “How about trusting a few other people who’ve made a change?”

Rick ultimately grilled Daryl about the murder, and it showed just how fraught this friendship had become. 

"If I’d-a killed him, I’d-a killed him in plain sight,” Daryl complained, leading to Rick claiming that they were building a better future and they had to do their best to stick to it. 

But Daryl had heard it all before and felt like the Saviors took a lot of their comrades from them. 

“But killing each other when the world already belongs to the dead, it’s not the way, not anymore,” said Rick after claiming that killing is not the way forward anymore. 

Lincoln, Andrew

Gabriel continued to question whether Jadis was only with him because she wanted a cover story for all of her misdeeds. 

The plot thickened when Jadis returned to her former stomping grounds, and brought out a walkie-talkie and called someone. 

"What do you have, an A or a B?” said the man who replied. “I paid my share,” she responded

After going back on forth on letters, Jadis said she would have an A by the next day. 

Okay then. 

When she returned to Gabriel she gave him the following offer:

“There’s another place that’s far from here,” she said, “but if we go together, we can get there.”

She was trading people for supplies for her people. But Gabriel did not want to help out and found himself knocked out. 

Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead

Daryl and Maggie found their way to a house that Cyndie once lived, and they found Cyndie, Bea and another girl going at it with Arat. 

The Saviors had murdered all of their friends and family, and that's why they took action to take them down. 

After some back and forth, Maggie and Daryl allowed the women to murder Arat for his crimes. 

“We gave Rick’s way a chance,” she said. “It’s time to see Negan.”

What will become of these characters?

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The Walking Dead continues Sunday on AMC. 

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