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The Battle Rounds continued on Tuesday’s episode of The Voice, and there were some big shockers. 

Certain performers who were solid in the Blind Auditions completely fizzled out. Others continued to turn in winning performances. 

But who did not get through to the next stage?

Blake Shelton Smiles on The Voice
Photo via Trae Patton/NBC

Find out below. 

Team Kelly: Kymberli Joye vs. OneUp – “Mercy”

In a rare feat, Kymberli went up against not one, but two competitors thanks OneUp being a duo. As we previously said, OneUp’s vocals are not all that. 

And that’s wh Kymberli won this heat with flying colors. Some would say it wasn’t a fair fight for OneUp, but that’s to be expected when there is just one duo in the process. 

OneUp on The Voice
Photo via Tyler Golden/NBC

Team Adam: Steve Memmolo vs. Anthony Arya – “Amy”

This was a fair fight. They were both not that great in the Blinds, so pitting them together made for a surprisingly competitive performance. 

Steve definitely had the edge, and that was made obvious by his higher vocals. In the end, Adam kept Steve, but Anthony got a reprieve thanks to Jennifer. 

Team Adam: Tyke James vs.Jarred Matthew – “She’s Always a Woman”

Okay, so we’re still unsure why either of these two got through the Blinds, but here we are. But one of them had to win, and it was genuinely difficult to tell them apart in the midst of all the screaming. 

Tyke took the win, and thankfully, there was no steal in play. Phew. 

The Voice Season 15 Poster
Photo via NBC

Team Blake: Chris Kroeze vs. Mercedes Ferreira-Dias – “Back in the High Life Again”

There were a lot of issues with this Battle. Both artists did not sound good together, and that’s why it would come down to the personal preference of the coach. 

Neither was better than the other. They were limited by their shared lack of ability. 

Team Blake: Katrina Cain vs. Rachel Messer on “Angel”

Katrina has been a solid performer ever since her turn in the Blind Auditions, but what the heck was wrong with her voice during this Battle?

Had she been replaced with someone who looked like her? In any case, she secured the win over Rachel, but something tells me Rachel should have won this round. 

That’s a wrap on Night 2 of the Battle Rounds. There’s still a lot to come from the Battles before we get to the Knockouts and the Playoffs. 

There’s also the big twist coming up, so there’s that. 

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues Monday on NBC.