Tori Roloff: Is This PROOF She Really is Pregnant Again?

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Tori Roloff apparently has a lot in common with Meghan Markle.

They are both women. They are both married to seemingly very nice guys. They both have dark hair.

And also they can't go more than a day or two without folks on the Internet thinking they are pregnant.

Tori Roloff and Her Cutie

Markle, of course, faced endless speculation about the state of her womb for months until she and Prince Harry finally confirmed the blessed news this week.

And now maybe Roloff will soon be doing the same.

Chatter has been following around the Little People, Big World cast member almost since she gave birth to son Jackson in May of last year.

Not very long went by before social media users started to wonder when Tori and Zach will expand their adorable family, with many of these people analyzing pictures of Tori to determine whether she's expecting or not.

Heck, some people have even analyzed Tori's grammar in order to answer this same question.

Now, however, curious followers may have an actual legitimate reason to suspect that another Roloff baby is on the way.

Family Pool Day!

Earlier this week, Matt Roloff shared a video of himself and many of his loved ones.

It featured the long-time TLC star saying goodbye to his kids and his grankids; including, of course, Tori and Jackson.

At one point, the camera zooms in on Tori holding her toddler... and it also zooms in on her stomach.

And, well, you can see why viewers are under the impression that there's a baby bump under this shirt, can't you?

Tori Roloff bumpin?

Here's another still image of Tori's alleged baby bump from the same video:

Tori Roloff Bump?

"Congrats to Tori and Zach on the pregnancy!” wrote one person in response to this footage, while another asked:

“Is Tori pregnant again?"

However, not everyone is convinced that Tori has a bun in the oven based on these pictures.

“I think she’s just leaning back and her shirt is at a weird angle,” noted one individual, while another said that talking about a woman's belly in this manner is just plain “rude.”

Which is sort of true.

At Disney

But the truth is that fans simply adore Zach and Tori and are excited about the possibility of a sibling for Jackson.

And it's not as if the couple hasn't been open about plans to do so.

“Jackson is the cutest little thing,” Zach said in a June episode of his familly's reality series. “I would love to have a little pack. I definitely want to have more kids."

Tori agreed at the time -- but, as the one who has to carry this prospective baby to term, she was a little hesitant to commit at the time.

About a month after this episode aired, though, Tori did say on social media:

"We def want to expand our family soon."

So there you have it!

How soon, however? Has the expansion already started?!?

The images above do make that seem very possible, don't they?

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