Married At First Sight Reunion: Who’s Expecting? Who’s Divorced?

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A handful of bombshells were dropped on the Married At First Sight reunion special Tuesday night.

For instance, one couple is expecting a child... another is no longer together... and all involved have seen their lives significantly changed by their participation in this show.

Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman image

We might as well start with Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman, right?

These two basically enjoyed a perfect season, not even fighting a bit on decision day when Bobby got down on one knee and proposed to Danielle.

This helped Danielle feel confident that her husband was truly in love -- and the twosome told viewers yesterday that they are yet to have their first disagreement.

Oh, and one more thing:


With their first child on the way, Bobby and Danielle confirmed that they'll be a part of the spinoff series Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After? where they will join two other couples from the program who are expecting children.

Interesting twist, huh?

Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally dance

The news was less positive for Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally, however.

As previously reported, these newlyweds have filed for divorce.

And we now know why.

Once the cameras stopped rolling and the season ended, Mia walked out on Tristan for showing her pictures of his ex-girlfriend.

“He said I was not mentally strong or mentally tough,” Mia explained to the camera on this special episode.

After the dramatic walk out, the couple decided they needed to simply dissolve their marriage, arguing on the reunionset over who initiated the split, but this is on legal record:

Mia filed the paperwork.

dave f

Can we at least end on a happy note with an update on Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana?

No, actually.

Amber, who is now brunette, appeared on the reunion to announce that their romance had gone sour.

Amber moved out of Dave’s home after a few major fights, one of which included the unresolved issue of her previously dating one of his friends. Awkward!

“He just kind of felt more like he doesn’t know if he could fall in love with me,” Amber said. “I moved out. I felt like maybe he needs more time to know if maybe I’m the person he wants.”

amber image

Following the move, Dave simply couldn’t do it anymore.

Amber said she tried to save the marriage because she recognized her mistakes -- but Dave had no desire to even go to counseling with her. He was done.

“I don’t think that we will be able to reconcile things,” Dave said. “We both hoped that it would be in a different place right now but I think that the reality is that it’s not.”

This revelation made Amber feel like a failure.

She said she was disappointed with herself.

Even though Dave’s choice might have been predictable, she was still very upset hearing it.

But, hey, at least Bobby and Danielle are having a baby! Good for them!

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