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When we went through the list of what The Real Housewives of Atlanta get paid, we mentioned that Kim Zolciak is busy doing her own thing.

Housewives salaries are notoriously hefty, but Kim is making more than most of them for Don’t Be Tardy.

And she just got a major raise. Take a look:

Kim Zolciak for Bravo

"Kim is now making $125,000 per episode," an insider reveals to RadarOnline.

That is … a lot of money to make at all, let alone for a single episode.

(Though we will acknowledge that it can take days, and dozens of hours of filming, to produce even one episode of a reality show, just as with scripted television)

There are reportedly 12 episodes, but don’t worry, we won’t make you do math.

The source continues: "which comes out to $1.5 million for the season."

Brielle Biermann: A Selfie

The report continues, saying that Kim isn’t the only one who’s making bank.

"And Brielle got a raise too," the insider announces.

The source says that: "Now she’s making $16,000 an episode."

Again, neither we nor this inside source are going to make you ask your phone to do this math.

All told, Brielle will be "pulling in $192,000 for this season."

Brielle Biermann Bikini Picture

Earlier this year, some feared that this season might never be completed.

Kim and Brielle were accused of racism, and that did not go over well at all. They even stopped filming in protest.

But that protest may have been a ploy to increase their salary … and it worked.

"Kim and Brielle negotiated more money," the insider explains.

Filming resumed, the source adds, "and they got a raise."

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak, Twinning

Kim and Brielle aren’t the only ones who are getting paid more.

"While Kroy was playing football, he didn’t want or need to be paid much by the show," the insider prefaces.

"After he was out of the NFL," the source continues. "He renegotiated his deal to become an executive producer."

"And," the insider shares. "He got the same deal for Kim."

Well, good for both of them!

Kim Zolciak Selfie with Kroy Biermann

"That way," the source explains. "They can get more money from Bravo and the production company."

That is good thinking.

Fame can be glamorous. The idea of being a reality star can be extremely appealing to some people on its own merits.

But, at the end of the day, like most jobs — like almost every job — being a reality star is about getting paid.

Kim Zolciak is a big name reality star. She’s raking in money to match.

Though she’s still not making as much as NeNe Leakes.

Kim Zolciak: A Selfie

In her personal life, Kim recently got a breast reduction to reduce her mega-boobs to a more normal-sized large boobs.

Kim turned 40 last spring, and she was really feeling the weight — literally — of her breasts, and decided that they weren’t worth back problems.

That is her choice because it is her body. Also, all boobs are awesome.

We can’t imagine that a simple boob job is going to tank her career.