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Mom-shamers like to slam Kim Kardashian for posing nude, but she poses with a purpose, and usually with a professional photographer.

Tragically, Kim’s photographer, Marcus Hyde, has been in a truly horrific car accident.

Kim shared the news and is asking fans to pray for his recovery.

Kim Kardashian and Marcus Hyde

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian tweeted out the news about Marcus Hyde’s terrible accident.

"Please pray for my friend @MarcusHyde," Kim tweeted.

She also included an image, appearing to show the two of them, with words imposed over it.

"I’m trying to find the perfect picture but I don’t want to share them," Kim writes.

Kim explains her reluctance: "We were saving these for our book."

Clearly, she doesn’t want to signal that there’s no hope by sharing the photo. She’d rather believe he’ll recover.

Kim Kardashian tweets about Marcus Hyde, asks for prayers

Her comments go on, now directly addressing Marcus.

"Angels are surrounding you," Kim writes.

She continues: "I’m praying so hard for you."

"Please be ok," she begs.

Kim’s message concludes: "Please come back @marcushyde."

This is truly heartbreaking.

Kim Kardashian Kicks Back

Marcus Hyde is a photographer known for his work with tasteful, artistic nudity.

He is especially famous for his work with Kim Kardashian and her sisters, including Khloe and Kendall.

TMZ reports that Marcus’ terrible accident took place Monday morning, October 29.

He was on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when he apparently lost control of his vehicle.

Marcus went over an embankment.

Kardashian on E!

From the looks of things, the Mercedes AMG CLS that he was driving has been totaled.

He himself was airlifted to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

He had a female passenger in the vehicle at the time.

TMZ reports that, per their sources, this unidentified woman was also hospitalized.

We don’t know Marcus’ exact condition — but he reportedly suffered a critical head injury.

Kim Kardashian Nude Eating Noodles

Sources also say that Marcus Hyde was suffering seizures as a result of the crash and the head injury.

That is devastatingly serious.

Marcus has traveled the globe with Kim and with Kanye.

He has been the man behind the camera for some of her most famous photos.

He was also the photographer for the Kardashian (and Jenner) Calvin Klein photos late last year.

This man’s artistic vision has been a part of Kim’s brand for a long time.

For KKW Beauty

Kim is clearly reeling from this news. It’s no wonder that she’s asking fans for prayers.

As we mentioned, the fact that she’s unwilling to release photos of the two of them means that she’s clinging to hope.

She wants Marcus to survive, recover, and then release that book with her.

If she were to release a photo now, it would feel like she was giving up on him.

We absolutely understand the way that she is thinking.

We here at THG sincerely hope that Marcus Hyde and his passenger make a full and speedy recovery from this horrific ordeal.

We also hope that his friends and loved ones — Kim included — can find comfort and hope while they wait for news.