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Sad news from our favorite crew of tanning bed enthusiasts today.

As you may have heard, Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley has separated from Roger Mathews after three years of marriage.

The split is particularly heartbreaking, as Mathews has made it clear that he has no intention of giving up on the relationship.

In a series of videos and social media posts, Mathews has pleaded with Farley to take him back.

Alas, the famously hard-hearted JWoww seems to have no interest in a reconciliation.

Roger Mathews and JWOWW Photo
Photo via Derrick Salters/

Sources close to the mother of two claim Farley has stated unequivocally that she’ll never get back together with Mathews.

So fans were more than a little confused when Jenni posted pics of a Halloween photoshoot in which she posed alongside Roger and the couple’s two children.

In fact, in the comments section of Farley’s Instagram post, many of her followers congratulated her on reconciling with Mathews:

Jenni and Roger Halloween Photo
Photo via Instagram

“JWoww is over Roger and as far as she is concerned, they aren’t getting back together,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“Jenni arranged a Halloween family photo shoot for daughter Meilani over the weekend because she’s obsessed with Disney and Moana, but that’s the only reason she did it.”

The insider says Jenni and Roger are both committed to ensuring that the split is as painless as possible for their children.

And so they’ll continue to participate in family functions together, but Farley has apparently made up her mind and plans to proceed with a divorce.

JWoww Wedding Photo
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“She’ll continue to put together family functions and it gives Roger hope, but there’s really no chance she will get back together with him,” the source adds.

“It’s really important to Jenni to keep the kids lives as normal as possible,” the informant continues.

“She and Roger are completely amicable and there’s no bad blood whatsoever, but for Jenni, they’ve grown apart. Roger wants her back, but it’s not going to happen.

JWOWW and Roger Mathews in the Car

“They both love and respect one another, but Jenni feels they’ve kind of grown apart. Everything she’s doing right now is strictly for the kids and what’s in their best interest.”

Both parties have confirmed that there was no infidelity or abusive behavior in their marriage, and Jenni’s decision to end the relationship was simply a result of a slow deterioration of affection.

Unfortunately for Roger, it sounds as though she’s inflexible on the matter.