Jana Duggar: Dating Jeremy Vuolo's Brother?!

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If you're a Duggar fan, we certainly don't need to tell you that Jana Duggar is single.

And if you follow the family closely on social media, then we may not need to tell you about the growing legend of Chuck Vuolo, Jeremy's hipster brother.

Chuck Vuolo

In case you're unaware, every time Jinger and Jeremy visit his family in Texas, fans absolutely lose their minds over older brother Chuck.

This week, Jeremy posted the above photo in honor of Chuck's birthday:

"Happy Birthday, big brother! I admire you in so many ways and am grateful to God for you," Jeremy captioned the pic.

"You’ve already been an amazing uncle to my daughter" 

Jeremy and Charles Vuolo

Jeremy continue:

"I look forward to sharing “'stories of Uncle Chuck' with her when she’s a bit older. I love you more than I can say. Enjoy the day, bro."

So we guess Chuck is a bit of a wild card? Maybe? Kinda? Sorta?

Of course, with how squeaky clean Jeremy and his family seem to be, "stories of Uncle Chuck" probably include such rebellious behavior as the time he put his lunch money in the collection plate.

Jinger and the Vuolos

Anyway, we'll get to the point. Like many card-carrying members of Duggar Nation, you may be asking yourself the following:

What does this loose cannon Uncle Chuck have to do with Jana?

Well, you see, Duggar fans are oddly obsessed with the idea of Chuck entering a romantic relationship with Jana Duggar.

Yes, fans are obsessed with all things Jana, but the notion of her coupling up - with a Vuolo of all people - has really gained traction.

Jana Duggar Smirk

It all began when Jeremy posted some pics from a mini family reunion last month.

“Set him up with Jana?” one fan asked.

“I was thinking the same thing too,” echoed another.

“I hope so she’s so sweet!” wrote a third commenter, adding:

“How cute would they be?!” 

Jana Duggar Selfie

Very cute, at least on paper. Doesn't mean it'll happen, of course. We've been down this lonely road many times, after all.

Jana courtship rumors surface at the rate of about one per month, and it seems like October will be entirely devoted to Chuck.

Some fans are now convinced that Jana and Chuck are actually courting, proving that people really will believe whatever they want.

As far as we can tell, this is based on nothing other than the fact that they have yet to publicly state that they're not.

Jana Duggar: A Picture

Maybe those fans are onto something, though.

After all, with this many members of the Duggar family involved, it seems like someone would clear the air and issue some sort of statement.

Of course, it's much more possible that Jana is still single and everyone involved is just enjoying a little free publicity.

Or, alternatively, no one has heard about this because Jinger tunes out the noise and Jana isn't allowed to use Instagram.

We may never know.

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