Farrah Abraham Bashes Simon Saran, Feels Like So Bad For His Stupid Rebound Chick

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Farrah Abraham appeared on Face The Truth to defend her parenting and to test positive for barbiturates, but that's not her only new television gig.

Farrah will appear alongside ex-boyfriend Simon Saran on Season 2 of Ex on the Beach.

She's already building hype by, you guessed it, attacking Simon on social media.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran in Bridal Shop

Farrah took to her Instagram stories to tease her ire for ex-boyfriend Simon Saran.

In her post, she writes over (alleged) messages from Simon.

We should of course acknowledge that any and all social media messages can be faked.

That said, we're not willing to wager that Farrah knows how to do that.

The fact of the matter is that Simon, in these messages, looks like he's mostly just reaching out to be nice.

Farrah Abraham vs Simon Saran IG Story 01

In these chaotic images, Simon appears to have sent Farrah money.

Simon also writes: "I love you & miss you."

"Ex’s [sic] never get over me," Farrah laments. "This one is just in line with the rest – BYE."

As far as we know, Farrah doesn't have all that many ex-boyfriends.

But we have to agree with her -- most people would take a long time to recover from dating her.

Farrah Abraham vs Simon Saran IG Story 02

"Sending me money again?" Farrah seems to laugh. "I don’t even talk to you $$$$ thanks."

He also offered to get her some massages, inviting her to let him do something nice for her.

"I feel sorry for his stupid rebound chick who he never liked," Farrah says.

It doesn't really sound like she feels all that sorry for Ashley Hannawacker.

If she did, she probably wouldn't be calling her a stupid rebound chick, right?

Simon Saran and New Girlfriend

Farrah dismisses Simon, writing "BYE" in all caps.

For that matter, she also calls him "Slimon," fusing his name with the word slime.

It even appears that she has saved his contact information on her phone under that name.


It's kind of weird for Farrah to be "bashing" Simon by just acting like a huge jerk and showing her followers that he still says and does nice things for her.

But hey, whatever builds hype for Ex on the Beach, we guess.

Simon Saran and Ashley Hannawacker

Ashley Hannawacker and Simon have been together since March.

So far, Simon hasn't posted anything inflammatory about Farrah.

A few weeks ago, he did share a piece of advice on social media: "Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution."

He doesn't mention Farrah by name, but that looks like a reference to the Teen Mom Terror if we've ever heard one.

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

As for Ex on the Beach, Farrah and Simon are said to have begun filming a few weeks ago.

Everything should be wrapped up in time to give Farrah plenty of time to prepare for her upcoming boxing match.

Farrah sure does love to fight.

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