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Amber Rose owns her identity and her sex-positive attitude. She knows that she has her haters.

Unfortunately, some trolls target Amber’s son because they know that it will get under her skin.

This time, Amber is getting mom-shamed and accused of "making out" with her child. Here is the photo:

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This is the image that drew so much ire from the internet.

Note that Amber and Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s lips aren’t actually touching.

"Too much intimacy in this pic," declared one follower.

"Get that nasty mouth away from that poor kid," demanded another. "Yuck!"

Another insisted that what she was doing was "making out" and that she should stop at once.

(This is not even the point, but anyone who makes out without their lips touching is doing it wrong)

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The attacking comments came in a number of forms.

One person decided to target boht Amber and feminism in a backhanded compliment.

"That’s your greatest accomplishment and you know it," the commenter wrote. "No matter what the feminists like to preach."

Others stuck to old-fashioned slut-shaming.

"The child is Innocent but she sure aint smh," one vile person wrote.

"Now Amber, you had six boyfriends this year. I counted," added another. "You do not need to kiss this baby anywhere!"

The troll continued: "That is like telling him to lick a public bathroom floor."

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Fortunately Sebastian, who will turn six years old early next year, is too young to see these horrible comments.

Also fortunately, Amber had plenty of defenders.

"He loves his mommy!!! And his mommy loves him!!! So sweet," affirmed a commenter. "She’s a wonderful mother to her child and that’s all that matters."

Another put the haters on blast.

"You people are DISGUSTING really. It is her SON," writes another. 

Amber Rose at 2018 VMAs

"She has every right to kiss him on the lips," Amber’s defender insisted.

That comment continues: "and for all of you nasty people making comments, clearly your parents never loved you or gave you hugs."

"Beautiful," praised another. "People are so spiteful and hateful. I kissed my daddy on the lips up until he passed last year."

Obviously, not everyone comes from a kiss-on-the-lips family (I don’t, either).

But we all know that there are families who give each other a peck on the lips.

And, as you can clearly see in the photo, Amber and Sebastian weren’t doing anything of the sort.

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Of course, we all know what this was really about.

People don’t like Amber.

Why? Mostly because she’s not ashamed to be a sexual being.

You would think that people wouldn’t be bothered by a woman who takes off her clothes and tells other women to live their lives however they wish.

But for some reason, sex-positive feminism is really threatening to some people.

And if htey can’t make Amber back down in undeserved shame for having a body and daring to show it, they’ll go after her young son.

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Amber has defended Sebastian from trolls before.

Earlier this year, she shared how excited he was to receive personalized Taylor Swift tickets.

He loves Taylor’s music, probably because he has two ears and a heart.

Some truly despicable trolls decided to take to Instagram to "accuse" the 5-year-old child of being gay.

That is stupid in too many ways to count.

We’re glad that Sebastian has such a loving and supportive mother.

You don’t have to agree with her on everything to recognize that she’s a good mom.