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Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra has flaunted his wild weight loss before, but this time, his thirst trap is accompanied by a before photo.

In case the powerful visual of his body’s transformation isn’t enough, he reveals exactly how much weight he’s lost.

Take a look:

Ty Baltierra
Photo via MTV

Tyler Baltierra posted a pair of shirtless photos of himself.

In the first, he looks overweight. It’s not an especially flattering image for a few reasons.

His body type in the pic could be described as "soft" or even, dare we say it, "dad bod."

Tyler wants fans to know how much weight he’s lost, so he starts his captions with his stats.

"208lbs to 165lbs!" Tyler announces. 

Tyler Baltierra Body Transformation
Photo via Instagram

That makes for a weight difference of 43 pounds. Wow!

"I’ve been eating healthy for about 7 months," Tyler reveals about his lifestyle transformation.

Tyler then clarifies what he means by healthy food, since everybody has their own definition.

He explains: "(no processed foods/low carbs/no sugar)"

Different diets have different effects, but you can’t argue with his results!

Tyler Baltierra Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Tyler has been eating like this for more than half a year.

"But," he says. "I’ve only been working out for 3 of those months."

Diet and exercise combined are radically transforming his body.

"And," Tyler writes. "I’m finally starting to see results from it!"

Um, we’re all seeing those results.

Tyler Baltierra, Instagram Selfie
Photo via Instagram

"#ReachingGoals," Tyler tagged his post. "#SelfLove."

Learning to love yourself is a great first step to taking measures to improve your health.

He followed that up with the tags: "#Dedication #NaturalEndorphins."

Exercise may be miserable, but the release of natural endorphins is part of the reward.

Finally, Tyler tags: "#IAmMyOnlyCompetition"

That sounds like a very healthy mindset.

He’s not competing for Catelynn’s heart — he won that a long time ago.

He’s comparing his body and his current weight to his old body and his old weight.

Tylier Baltierra Posts Weight Loss Thirst Trap

Tyler Baltierra working out and posting these thirst traps has been great for his self esteem.

It has also, some cynical fans fear, been a warning that Tyler and Catelynn will get divorced.

Some people worry when one spouse suddenly starts working hard on getting hot.

While Catelynn obviously enjoys his new hot body, some fans fear that he’s preparing to leave her or at least step out on her.

If, they say, he has not done so already.

Tyler Baltierra Gets Honest on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

But Tyler isn’t getting hot so that he can bang other women.

He’s getting hot for himself. He is working to better his physical health, his mental health, and his emotional health.

Tyler has been open and honest about his struggles, but improving his health from without and within can really help him — in conjunction with proper medication and therapy.

By sharing his journey with fans and followers, Tyler is showing that they can follow in his footsteps.

Plus, he’s also showing off a little. That’s okay. He has more than earned those bragging rights.