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Fatherhood has not come easy for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

The Jersey Shore star would say this isn’t his fault, however, considering the contentious relationship he’s been stuck in with frequent girlfriend Jen Harley.

Ronnie and Jen Harley
Photo via Instagram

As fans of this franchise know well after watching the first couple episodes of this new season, Ronnie and Harley were engaged all summer long in a handful of very ugly and very personal standoffs.

One culminated in Harley spitting on Ronnie

… and nearly each of them had something to do with poor little daughter Ariana, who was born in early April and who is basically being used as a pawn between her combating parents.

It’s an unfortunate situation all around.

But while Ronnie can’t control the occasionally insane actions of Harley, he most definitely can control what his child wears on the days during which he has custody.

And a bunch of Internet trolls are now all over the MTV personality for an outfit he featured on Instagram.

Photo via Instagram

To be clear, before we delve into these negative comments, no one is referring to Ariana herself as ugly.

How could they?!? Just take a look at that precious mug in the photo above.

Many folks out there are focused on pretty much every other aspect of the picture, though, most notably the clothing they presume Ronnie chose for his five-month old.

"She’s adorable but don’t dress her like this… she’s to [sic] pure and beautiful to be dress like trash," remarked on harsh followed.

Added another fashion critic:

"I prayed for you and your daughter about what people are saying…please take wise counsel from all of us…this outfit is completely inappropriate for an infant. It is not so much the clothing..but what kind of example you are teaching her from infancy…

"Please know we all care and want to help."

Ronnie's Daughter
Photo via Instagram

That seems a tad extreme, no?

We’re not sure if a baby is really learning any examples, positive or negative, from the shirt covering her top or the pants covering her bottom.

"The baby is cute but the outfit is not never seen ripped jeans on a baby," wrote a third hater, clearly unaware that grown-ups pay hundreds of dollars these days for ripped trends.

They are totally a trend!

Thankfully, a few people with common sense do remain on the World Wide Web and at least one of them spoke out in defense of Ronnie, writing:

"Why would ya’ll be hatin’ on a baby, seriously grow up, people ALWAYS have to find something wrong with EVERYTHING."

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with Ariana
Photo via Instagram

It’s true.

And Ronnie has enough to deal with these days as he talks to lawyers and considers his custody options.

Despite altercation in June that led to Harley’s arrest on domestic battery allegations, Jen and Ronnie may actually be back together.

They have shared several photos of themselves side-by-side in the weeks since this incident.

With rumors flying that Ronnie may actually be leaving Jersey Shore in the near future, he recently told fans that he’s resumed filming and he has thanked them for their support:

"Love my fans thanks for the support and kind words thru everything!"