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At this point, Julie Chen is as synonymous with Big Brother as racism, homophobia and stunning evictions.

And yet fans of this long-running reality show are now refreshing their browsers every other minute in order to learn the answer to the following question:

Is Chen about to say goodbye as host?

Julie Chen on CBS

Questions about Chen’s future on CBS in general are understandably prominent at the moment, considering she just left The Talk.

The veteran panelist did so amidst a sexual misconduct scandal surrounding husband Les Moonves, who just lost his job as CBS President due to allegations that he forced himself upon multiple women a couple decades ago.

In a video message that aired on Tuesday’s edition of The Talk (is that not the dumbest name ever for a program?!?), Chen told viewers that she simply needs to be around her family as much as possible these days.

"Right now, I need to spend more time at home with my husband and young son," she said rather simply.

We wonder if the intense criticism that came Chen’s way last week also played a role in this decision.

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Upon signing off from Big Brother a few days ago, Chen showed obvious support for Moonves by attaching his last name to hers for the first time ever on air.

Social media blew up over this move.

Is it shocking that Chen is standing by her man? Not really.

But many viewers were still aghast over such a public display because Moonves is accused of some pretty heinous stuff.

And he hasn’t exactly denied it, either.

So, this all brings us back to Big Brother.

Chen is expected to stay on as host through the Season 20 finale on September 26.

According to Us Weekly, no decision has been made beyond this episode, with various network executives thinking it’s best if she just goes away.

They figure the less association CBS has overall with Moonves or anyone in his family, the better.

Julie Chen Appears on Big Brother

If Chen does leave – and this remains a big IF – season 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby would reportedly be under consideration as her replacement.

The same can be said, according to this tabloid’s sources, of Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Ross Mathews and Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox.

TMZ, meanwhile, claims that Chen wants to return to Big Brother and that the current plan is for her to do so…

… IF Big Brother is renewed, that is.

Forget Chen’s future on the show, this website writes. The future of the actual show is in question.

So that’s where things stand at the moment. Many unanswered questions are out there.

Would YOU want to see Chen return as host? And would YOU want to see Big Brother return for Season 21?