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There are plenty of 90 Day Fiance stars out there, and not all of them stay with one of the show’s many spin-offs. Some go off and live their happily ever afters.

That is what Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares were doing, more or less … but that is no longer the case. The couple has filed for divorce.

What’s more is that this is not even the first time that they’s begun the divorce process.

Cassia Tavares and Jason Hitch

Jason Hitch was 39 years old and from Florida. Cassia Tavares was 24 and is from Brazil.

A few years back, 90 Day Fiance viewers saw their engagement through to the end, even though Jason is 15 years older and, frankly, struck many as being an insufferable and controlling know-it-all.

Now, Jason tells RadarOnline about why he filed for divorce from Cassia on September 7.

"A successful relationship is communication, physical attraction, and doing whatever it takes," Jason begins, in what viewers familiar with him may imagine is a patronizing tone.

"Right now it’s time to go in different directions," Jason declares. "I think we’ll remain friends. She knows I have her best interests at heart."

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Jason may be the kind of guy who drives past a lemonade stand and starts listing problems with the business acumen of actual children, but he is quick to shoot down the idea that Csssia just wanted U.S. citizenship.

"She did not come here just to become an American citizen," Jason affirms.

"She had a good life in Brazil," Jason explains. "She was about to finish college. She didn’t have to marry me."

Cassia has graduated here in the U.S. and he does not believe that she will be deported, given how long they were married.

That said … one never knows.

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Jason says that the Army is sending him away.

"I’ll be deployed from nine months to a year,” Jason announces. “The deployment wasn’t a factor in the divorce."

Jason explains his divorce: "If there is indecision, you can’t build a foundation on that."

He also insists that, though he filed the papers, his split from Cassia is mutual and "uncontested."

"There will be no alimony payments,” Jason claims. “No fighting over anything."

We’re not sure how that will happen, unless there was a shady pre-nup or unless the divorce will include one lump sum.

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Jason also filed for divorce from Cassia in January of this year.

"I did everything I could,” he lamented to RadarOnline at the time. 

“I took her to every major city in the country," Jason said. "We went to Vegas four times. I paid for resorts to stay for weekends. We saw every show and concert, hung out with celebrities."

"I had expectations from her and she wasn’t fulfilling them," he said vaguely. "She wasn’t communicating with me what they were. She would not talk. I had to beg for attention. It was humiliating."

In April, Jason spoke up again: "I still love her. I don’t want a divorce. I love her and I want to take care of her. What kind of man would I be if I quit this relationship?"

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It’s unclear what problems they were having. It is possible that Jason was doing for Cassia what he imagined she wanted.

Sometimes, spouses can’t give each other what they really want.

Of course, in January of 2017, Jason was arrested for domestic violence after police spotted an injury on Cassia’s arm.

"Jason … grabbed [Tavares] by her left arm, leaving a mark," the police report reads. "Jason then began screaming at [Tavares] to the point [Tavares] was in fear and dialed 911 for law enforcement."

That sounds scary. All things considered, it sounds like a divorce is the best thing for these two.