Selena Gomez: Justin and Hailey's Engagement Is Messing With My Head!

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Now that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged, many diehard Selenators are hoping that Selena Gomez can finally be free of him once and for all.

Unfortunately, a report says that Selena feels like she's unable to move forward with a new relationship or delete old photos from her time with the Biebs.

It sounds like Justin's engagement is messing with her head.

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A source tells HollywoodLife that Selena is struggling to date in the face of Justin's engagement.

"Selena feels like right now dating is not in the cards," the insider reveals.

That's interesting -- there had been speculation that Justin was dating Hailey to get revenge on Selena for Selena's own rebound.

Maybe the Caleb Stevens thing was never as big as some people believed.

"She thinks that it is hard to find someone because of her celebrity," the source explains. "And its hard to meet people organically."

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There is, unfortunately, more to it.

"Plus she always thinks how it will be perceived to be with someone in the outside world," the insider admits.

Dating someone is one thing. Publicly dating means inviting the scrutiny of millions.

The source explains: "She hates being defined by the people she doesn’t know on who she dates or doesn’t date."

We can absolutely understand that.

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Additionally, Selena apparently resents the amount of speculation that follows her every association.

"She can’t hang out with anyone without it turning into something," the insider laments.

"And," the source continues. "She knows it scares away the chance of love."

That sounds so grim!

It's a real obstacle, the insider explains, "because there are so many more layers to break through for any suitors that might want to be with her."

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Selena also worries that her fame and personal history drives away the sorts of men she would most like to be with.

"People don’t want to be with her," the source fears. "Because it comes with so much more baggage."

That is so unfair!

"She is trying to figure that out for herself," the insider affirms. "And once she does she will be more prone to start dating and putting herself out there."

That is great to hear.

"Its a process she wouldn’t like to deal with," the source admits. "But she knows that it is her life and she has to manage it appropriately."

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Another insider tells HollywoodLife that Selena can't delete her Bieber pics.

"Selena’s friends," the source confesses. "Caught her looking at old selfies of her and Justin on her phone."

As the Nick Joseph meme says, oh no baby what is you doing?

"Selena says she has tried to delete a lot of their pics," the insider reveals.

"But," the source continues. "She just can’t bring herself to get rid of all of them."

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"The pics are sweet memories," the insider explains. "And Selena likes to look at them once in a while."

That's normal. And nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

The source says: "Seeing pics of Justin and her smiling, happy together, remind Selena of the good times she had with Justin."

"She gets emotional when looking at them," the insider spills. "And does not want to get rid of them."

This apparently remains the case "even though he is preparing to marry someone else."

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Look, nobody has an easy time letting go of the good times in their past, even if they've become bittersweet.

But it is nothing short of tragic that one of the most talented, beautiful stars on the planet is being cock-blocked by her own history.

We hope that she is able to overcome this hurdle soon.

Selena deserves all of the happiness in the world.

And Justin has never let his dating history or fame hold him back. Not even a little.

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