Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel: Reunited Now That Ashley Jacobs is Outta Here!

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Last week, we learned that Ashley Jacobs finally left that creep Thomas Ravenel, though the two have not officially broken up. Yet.

But fellow Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been spending time with her ex and baby daddy.

Kathryn Dennis Looks Gorgeous

They took their two young children on Thomas' boat, and with Ashley away, Kathryn and Thomas' "family time" was drama-free.

Both Kathryn and Thomas took to Instagram to share little glimpses of their shared time with their children.

Kathryn wrote "Good Vibes Only," perhaps a subtle plea for her followers to not bash her for spending time around accused rapist Thomas Ravenel.

She and Thomas have both made efforts to be there for their young children, Kensie and Saint.

Kensie and Saint Ravenel

Seeing their parents interact with each other in a healthy way is good for their childhood development, even though Kathryn and Thomas are exes.

They took their children on Thomas' boat.

A source tells RadarOnline that Kathryn and Thomas had a pleasant time with their two young children.

"Thomas and Kathryn had a great time together with the kids," the insider reveals.

Though Kathryn and Thomas can be dramatic people -- they're exes as well as reality stars -- none of that flared up during this family outing.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel at Dinner

"It was," the source says. "Completely drama free."

And that peace owes itself to one person in particular.

"With Ashley out of town," the insider explains. "There were no conflicts at all."

Thomas Ravenel has been dating Ashley Jacobs for a while.

The two met in Santa Barbara, went on maybe five dates, and Ashley packed up her whole life to move across the country to live in Charleston with him.

Ashley Jacobs Winks

That was ... a little sudden. What's more is that Ashley went on to unleash hellish tirades on Thomas' Southern Charm cast members.

In particular, Ashley clashed with Kathryn to a shocking degree. Also, she flirted with Whitney.

(Who does that? Well, as Patricia Altschul says, a gold-digging famewhore would!)

The cast very clearly and vocally cannot tolerate Ashley, but at the reunion special, they expressed their deep concerns for her well-being.

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

Thomas Ravenel was not at the reunion, because multiple women have accused him of sexual assault. Bravo and the Charleston police are investigating.

But Ashley was there for part two of the special, and the cast went from irate to concerned.

They said that Thomas speaks poorly of her to them, and that she shouldn't stay with someone who is going to treat her that way.

Andy Cohen brought up a sobering accusations -- that someone had seen Thomas throw food in Ashley's direction.

Ashley had replied by saying that it was all he fault for being a "brat."

Kathryn Dennis Image

Ashley's brattiness was not the point -- no one gets to throw things at you.

And as multiple castmembers pointed out, Ashley blaming herself for Thomas' alleged outburst is a huge red flag.

(Keep in mind that Thomas has not only been accused of sexual assault, but of alarming outbursts of anger and aggression -- which has been said by former dates and by his own friends and castmates)

The outpouring of concern was so great that Ashley "joked" by asking Andy if this was an intervention.

If the shoe fits, maybe you should wear it, Ashley.

Some may be angry with Kathryn for spending time with Thomas, but they should remember a few things.

One, she is not dating Thomas. They are forever linked by their two young children, and she is only spending time with him around them.

Two, Kathryn has made it very clear why she's doing this. She's captioned family pics with things like: "What matters most? My daughter’s happiness."

She doesn't have sole custody of her children, so coparenting is not optional. Whatever she believes about Thomas, she has to make the best of a bad situation.

She's a mother, and her kids come first.

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