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Even if you missed Thursday night’s Southern Charm reunion special part two, you probably noticed that it was trending on Twitter.

In short, because viewers had noticed that Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend Ashley Jacobs was … well, nuts.

The reunion turned into a sort of intervention for Ashley about her relationship with Thomas. Is this toxic couple still together?

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel
Photo via Instagram

RadarOnline reports that Ashley Jacobs finally left Thomas Ravenel, and never have we ever hoped for a piece of gossip to be true like we do with this one.

(This week, anyway)

"Ashley went to California for week long vacation," an insider says, saying that Ashley returned to her native Santa Barbara.

"Thomas and Ashley have been fighting a lot lately," the source dishes. "And he did not go on the trip with her."

Rumors have circulated for a while that Thomas Ravenel was gearing up to dump Ashley. It sounds like she’s the one who took that step and walked away.

Ashley Jacobs Winks
Photo via Bravo

If that’s true, it will be a welcome relief to countless fans — and to a lot of Southern Charm stars.

Don’t get us wrong — Ashley acted as an antagonist, particularly towards Kathryn Dennis, which really highlighted the latter’s personal growth as she kept cool under pressure during Ashley’s attacks.

As you will see int he clip that we have included, Shep Rose — and others — are concerned for Ashley, despite her status as a villain.

They point out to her that Thomas seems to manipulate her into lashing out at people. Ashley dismisses this as "entertainment," whatever that means.

Most disturbing of all is when Andy brings up that someone allegedly saw Thomas throw a box of leftovers at Ashley.

Naomie Olindo and Shep Rose are Concerned

That’s a stunning accusation, and Ashley only partially denies it. It is several tense moments before Ashley speaks.

"No, he did not throw it at me," Ashley says, beginning with a total denial. "He was upset because I was leaving."

Ashley’s chilling story continues: "And I handed him the food, and … I … I was being a brat."

"It was my fault," Ashley insists. "I was being a brat."

Ashley’s explanation and self-blame elicit a series of looks that we absolutely had to turn into a gif.

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

The group is stunned into silence by Ashley’s words.

Craig Conover is the first to speak up, and says: "You just took the blame for him yelling at you. That’s a horrible red flag."

Even Kathryn, who has no shortage of reasons to dislike Ashley, does not care for the way that Thomas speaks to Ashley.

Perhaps Kathryn sees similar patterns to how Thomas treated her during their relationship.

(These days, thankfully, Kathryn has been hooking up with Shep Rose and is therefore living her best life)

Kathryn stated during part one of the reunion that she would decline to comment on Thomas’ criminal allegations until the investigations are complete. He is also the father of her children.

Southern Charm Reunion Part 2, 2018
Photo via Bravo

Ashley jokingly asks if this is an intervention. If the shoe fits, Ashley.

There’s a lot of shock and concern for Ashley. It seems that no one is more concerned than Cameran Eubanks.

You can see on Cameran Eubanks’ face that she so badly wishes to make Ashley see her situation as an emotionally toxic one.

Considering that Thomas Ravenel is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault and that other women have come forward to discuss frightening encounters with him, most cannot imagine that Bravo will allow him to reutrn to the series.

It is heartening to hear that Ashley and Thomas parted ways. Perhaps some of the words from people who at least were Thomas’ friends had an impact.

Only time will tell if Ashley will try to go back to Thomas. In the mean time, she’s cashing in on her brush with fame by doing a club promotion in Santa Barbara on Saturday.