Kailyn Lowry: I Want to Move Away from ALL My Baby Daddies!

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Sometimes life doesn't work out quite like you'd always imagined.

Plans change, things happen, and suddenly you're in a difficult situation you'd never prepared for.

Kailyn Lowry at the VMAs

Like, OK, say you're a teenage girl, right? You have a very difficult home life but a pretty cool boyfriend, and you wind up pregnant.

You have the baby, break up with the boyfriend, and spend the next few years getting settled into being an adult and raising your kid.

But then you meet another guy, and you marry him, then you have a child together.

Sounds pretty cool so far, but after some years go by, the marriage ends up falling apart, and you get a divorce.

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry Kiss

After that, you start hooking up with an old friend, but guess what -- you're pretty fertile, it seems, and so you get pregnant again.

And just like that, you have three kids with three different men, and luckily they all want to be involved in their children's lives, but that does make things pretty darn complicated.

Surprise, you're Kailyn Lowry!

Kailyn is originally from Pennsylvania, and that's where she met Jo Rivera, the father of her first child, Isaac.

Kailyn Lowry, Jo Rivera Photo

They broke up and eventually she met Javi Marroquin -- they moved to Delaware when the Air Force stationed him in Dover, then got married and had little Lincoln.

Jo and his girlfriend, Vee, moved to Dover as well so they could be closer to Isaac.

After Kailyn and Javi split, she started hooking up with Chris Lopez, a friend of hers from college -- they both attended Delaware State University, which is located in Dover.

She got pregnant, and she claims the pregnancy was planned, and that's when baby Lux came into the picture.

Lux and His Dad

So after a series of choices made over several years, she has found herself with three children who have three different fathers, and every single person involved lives in Dover.

And she's just not down with that.

"I wanna move outta Dover," she complained on Twitter over the weekend.

"Middletown or Newark. There's nothingggggg in Dover for me."

Kailyn Lowry Supporting Elephants

She added three crying emojis, so you know she's really distressed about the situation.

On one hand, it's not like she's talking about moving across the country or anything.

Middletown and Newark are both in Delaware, and neither is more than an hour away from where she lives now.

But on the other hand, saying there's nothing in Dover for her is really not the truth.

Kailyn Lowry, Glasses

Don't worry though, Twitter was very quick to call her out on everything.

"Your location is not about you at this stage," one person told her. "Thought you were more grown than this and would've known that."

"Wait until your kids are older," another advised. "It's not just about you."

One of her followers said "Your kids have their dads in Dover and they are what matters," and someone else told her not to be "selfish."

Kailyn Lowry and Three Sons, Family Photo

Other people left comments like "Cuz you've literally 'done' everything and everyone."

"What's wrong?" another super classy reply read. "No men left in Dover you haven't screwed?"

Look, there are tons of reasons why Kailyn might want to leave the city she's currently in, and if she's just thinking about moving to another city in that tiny, tiny little state, then it's really not a huge deal.

Could she have worded her tweet a little differently?

Yeah, sure.

But again, it's sincerely not a big deal.

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