Hannah Gosselin Deletes Instagram; What Might It Mean?

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We have a new twist in the decade-long, never-ending, nausea-inducing saga of Jon and Kate Gosselin.

What does this latest scoop mean for their future relationship and, more importantly, for their future relationship with 14-year old daughter Hannah?

It's unclear at this time.

Jon with Daughter

But the development itself is quite clear:

Hannah has deleted her Instagram page.

Typically an active user of social media, the teenager has chosen to shut down her account for at least the time being, prompting speculation over what this could mean and why she would have done so.

What 14-year old girl, some might reasonably ask, does not want to be a part of the Instagram world these days?

The kind of 14-year old girl, we must sadly report, who is stuck in an endless tug of war between her awful parents.

This very much appears to be what's taking place between Hannah, Jon and Kate, the latter two of whom rose to fame as the anchors of Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC and who divorced back in 2009.

Hannah Gosselin

It looked for years as if Jon was off doing his own thing (yes, he really did work as a DJ at one point), basically ignoring his kids and leaving Kate to try and make money off raise them on her own.

Earlier this summer, however, Jon surprised fans by sharing a picture with Hannah on Father's Day...

... and then Hannah surprised everyone even more when she said that Jon was the "best dad anyone could ask for."

Since that time, Jon has shared other pictures of himself with his daughter; on July Fourth, for instance, and also on her first day as an eighth grader.

He's also stated, very simply, that Hannah lives with him "permanently," a declaration that came as a total stunner to those who have been closely following the lives of the Gosselins over the years.

Two Gosselins

(Editor's Note: If you are one of these people, it may be time to re-evaluate your life choices.)

Kate Gosselin, however, has labeled Jon a liar and insisted that she still has primary custody of all her kids.

Based on recent court filings, however, it's evident that there's been some sort of battle over Hannah for months now.

Where does Hannah's Instagram deletion fit into this gigantic and unfortunate mess? We have no idea.

It may mean nothing at all.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th

It may mean that Kate is still involved in her child's life and ordered Hannah to take down her account, considering she's anti-social media and that she blasted a fan who posed as daughter Alexis on Instagram this summer.

Meanwhile, Hannah isn't the only Gosselin child about which folks have concerns.

Her brother, Collin, remains in a treatment facility for what sources have said is some kind of anger or behavioral problem.

He's been there for at least two years and is never pictured with his siblings anymore.

It's a very sad situation, one that leaves us simply praying that Jon and Kate have the best interests of their son in mind.

Based on their many heinous actions over the years, however, we tragically cannot be confident this is the case.

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