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Thankfully, Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown’s cancer is in remission again.

Now, she and her husband are speaking about her cancer and her health.

And, for the first time, they are revealing that she had a serious brush with death after she first went into remission.

Ami Brown and Billy Brown in Alaska

RadarOnline spoke with Billy and Ami Brown about Ami’s cancer battle and one truly scary moment when she appeared to have lost her life.

"In November, when everything was over," Billy says. "She was supposed to be healed."

As we reported, Ami’s cancer went into remission early last November in what some fans described as a "Christmas miracle."

However, Billy shares that her battle was not over, even though her cancer had been beaten back.

"And," Billy describes. "She fell over dead for like 20 minutes."

Billy Brown in Season 8

That sounds so frightening, even though we know that she’s still alive and kicking nearly a year later.

"It was horror," Billy shares.

He says that even after that terrifying incident, they worried for her health. Both cancer and chemo can be hell on the body.

"We sat there and watched her go down every day," Billy describes. "And I didn’t know if I would lose her or not."

For a time, it seemed certain that she would fail to beat the odds.

Billy summarizes the entire ordeal: "It was a real hard test of fate, I will tell you that."

We can only imagine so. This was trying for the whole family.

Billy Brown of Alaskan Bush Peopl

The good news, however, is that despite Ami’s hospitalization back in May, she has beaten back her cancer yet again.

But that is not the same thing as saying that she is cancer-free.

"She still has stage 0 primary," Billy shares. "And there are still traces."

She has to return every few months for screenings so that they can monitor her health.

"But they took the majority out," Billy says. "And the growth is really slow."

Some cancers grow more quickly or more slowly than others. Each has its risks.

Ami Brown in Season 8

Ami also spoke about her experience with cancer.

"When I found out, we didn’t really know what it consisted of," Ami says.

Ami frames her illness in a religious context, saying: "God gave me the cancer. I look at it as a blessing."

Not everyone can do that. Some people find their faith rattled by a terminal illness.

"It has taught me to stay positive and lean on the Lord," Ami shares. "And always let your loved ones know how much they mean to you."

Ami Brown Up Close

"Never give up and never surrender," Ami advises.

We don’t think that she is deliberately quoting Galaxy Quest. It’s just good advice.

‘Be strong," Ami counsels. "And live every single moment, every day to the fullest."

That is great advice. We’re glad that she learned to approach life with these values.

But of course we hope that her cancer does not make another comeback. She’s already beaten the odds, and we would all prefer for it to remain that way.