Big Brother Recap: Who Did the New HOH Nominate for Eviction?

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The "Sweet Shot" Head of Household competition was underway when Sunday's episode of Big Brother kicked off. 

Tyler and Angela previously said they did not want to win because they were in good standing with everyone in the house. 

They had just made a faux alliance with Haleigh and Faysal aka the final two members of The Hive alliance. 

Faysal Shafaat on Big Brother

By them not wanting to win, it meant that one of their allies could be sent home, but they never really cared about that. 

Haleigh knew this HOH was the only way she would remain safe following Scottie Salton's eviction. 

Then there was Brett and Kaycee, who have been used as pawns multiple times over the last few weeks. They were ready to win and keep their alliance members safe. 

As the competition neared its conclusion, Angela scored a 39. It was not quite the perfect shot, but it put her in the lead. 

Angela slid into power, and Fessy thought that because he was in an alliance with Angela and Tyler, he too, was technically in power. 

Angela Rummans Smiles

God, will this kid ever learn the rules of Big Brother?

Angela worried because she did not want to annoy any of the other houseguests, so she questioned whether to put Haleigh and Faysal up from the get-go or get to work on another plan. 

As for Haleigh, she was the one who realized there was an alliance between Brett, Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela. 

The four were doing a victory dance in the bedroom, and she walked in and caught them in the act. 

Despite her taking the news to Fessy, he still believed that they were good with Angela and that Haleigh was overthinking things. 

Faysal Shafaat - Big Brother Season 20

Faysal thought that Sam was going to be heading home this coming week, but Haleigh knew better and that she was about to be targeted for eviction. 

Angela then met up with her allies to discuss nominations. She thought it was worthwhile to get Sam out while they could because it would make for an easier week. 

However, her allies were not on board with that and wanted Haleigh and Fessy up on the block to ensure that one of them went home. 

Angela reluctantly agreed but lied to Haleigh that the house was ready to evict Sam. Haleigh offered to go on the block to help that plan come to fruition. 

Angela Rummans

“Maybe she’s just as dumb as her boyfriend,” Angela sneers in the Diary Room. 

Fessy was unimpressed about the potential of Haleigh going on the block, and after getting nowhere with Angela, he turned to Tyler. 

Haleigh walked in on the discussion, and each half of the showmance quickly started arguing with each other. Haleigh wanted Faysal to realize that he needed to change the way he was talking to her. 

However, he whined that she had an attitude and was making it more difficult for them. 

“I don’t need anyone talking down to me, and I don’t need anyone trying to speak over me,” Hayleigh complained in the Diary Room.

Haleigh Broucher

After more back and forth, Angela finally decided to put both Haleigh and Faysal on the block. Angela noted that the duo came to her very late in the game with the alliance offer, and felt like it was out of desperation. 

Yes, Haleigh and Faysal are this week's nominees!

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