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LeBron James has come a long way since The Decision.

And he’s about to make his living a long way from Cleveland.

LeBron James Says Goodbye
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Eight years after he dumped the Cavaliers in front of a national television audience, James came up with a far more inoffensive and discreet way to tell the world that he’s joining another basketball team.

On Sunday night, the management company in which LeBron has a stake issued a very simple press release that reads as follows:

LeBron James, four time NBA MVP, three time NBA Finals MVP, fourteen time NBA All Star, and two time Olympic Gold Medalist has agreed to a four year, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lbj Statement

This move had been expected by most NBA followers for several weeks now, if not several months.

LeBron had the option to opt-out of this contract with the Cavaliers — and most fans expected him to do so following a turbulent season that only ended with another trip to the Finals because James may be the best basketball player in the history of mankind.

It was LeBron’s eighth consecutive trip to the concluding round of the NBA Playoffs.

But the Cavaliers got swept in the Finals by the Golden State Warriors and stood no real chance of competing with them for years to come.

Hence LeBron’s decision to join a team full of young, up-and-coming players, which is also situated in the entertainment capital of the world; whose city has great weather year-round; and which may trade for superstar Kawhi Leonard any day now.

LeBron owns two homes in Los Angeles and sources had claimed he and his family had been touring potential schools there for his 13-year old son.

Shortly after Klutch Sports Group made the above announcement, James made one of his own on Instagram:

Lbj Tribute

James finished second this year in the MVP race.

In 2016, he fulfilled his promise to bring Cleveland its first major pro sports championship in 52 years, leading his Cavs to an epic seven-game victory over those same Warriors in the Finals.

Some Cleveland fans will likely be hard on James for his decision to leave the Cavaliers for the second time in his career, but come on now.

He accomplished something historic as the face of the franchise just two years ago and Cleveland isn’t exactly the best run organization on the planet.

Also, the Cavs employ JR Smith.

Plus, now it will be easier for LeBron to keep hooking up with Beyonce!

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LeBron leaves the franchise as its leader in nearly every major statistical category: games played, points, rebounds, assists and steals.

He played in all 82 games this past season and may have put on the best playoff individual performance in league history.

This will either make it easier for Cleveland fans to accept that he’s gone, having given everything one could during his final run there…

… or much harder because the guy is amazing.

Oh well.

Go Celtics!