Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Miss La Vela

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The drama kicked into high gear on Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 4 as we picked up mere moments after Kirk was arrested. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that he was in big trouble for slapping a dude at the bar who was making comments about Jeremiah. 

Kirk denied that he was the one who took the hit against the loser, but there was a witness conveniently located outside the house, and they were all too happy to put Kirk in the frame. 

As Kirk sat in the back of a squad car contemplating his future, Candace was still lashing out at the boys for not defending Kirk at the bar. 

She rounded up her belongings and continued to yell that she was getting out of the house and returning home. Then, she came to a stunning realization:

Kirk was not inside the house, so he must have been arrested. Gulp. 

Kirk Medas

Candace made her way outside the house to the cop cars, and despite being told she would be arrested, she persisted in seeing Kirk. 

Gus and Jeremiah looked on as she complained that they were sitting on the sidelines and letting their friend get arrested. 

But what did she expect them to do? They were smart by not messing with the cops. The man who Kirk hit subsequently dropped all charges. 

That was yet another convenient moment for the stars of this MTV hit. Kirk returned to the house, determined to lay low because of that scare. 

Kirk Medas on Floribama Shore

However, he had to contend with Candace who was still parading around the house saying that she was going home, but her Jeremiah, Gus, and Kirk had a chat to air their thoughts on the situation. 

Gus had the most sense: He knew they would all end up arrested if they got involved. He knew this was not a battle he wanted to fight in.

This helped Candace realize that she was drunk and causing an argument over nothing. She then apologized, and all seemed right in the world. 

While all of that was going down, Kortni was dancing on the bar, Nilsa and Aimee were getting drunk, and Codi was trying to bring a chick home for some slap and tickle. 

We kid, mostly, but Codi was adamant about getting the blonde woman back to the house because she was DTF. 

Codi Butts - Floribama Shore

He rushed over to his housemates to let them know that he was ready to go home, but disaster struck: He accidentally spilled a bit of Nilsa's drink on her white crop top. 

On this show, that's the equivalent of murder, so Nilsa was pissed because she bought the top specifically for the summer vacation. 

She followed up her emotional tirade by throwing her drink over Codi. He ditched his date, started crying and got in the first cab home. 

Kortni accompanied him, and with her being a livewire, it was only a matter of time before something happened. 

In another cab, Nilsa could not keep herself together and decided it was a good idea to urinate all over the seat of the cab. 

We wish we were kidding, but she was deadly serious. Poor Aimee had to stand on the seat to avoid being drowned. 

Aimee, Floribama Shore

When they returned to the house, it seemed like there was going to be another big blowout, but Nilsa and Codi forgot why they were arguing in the first place and opted to spoon the night away. 

The next day, the gang of eight realized they needed some money if they were going to survive the summer. It resulted in them calling multiple businesses to find out if they would be employed. 

One business agreed and said that three of them would need to be available the next day on a trial basis. 

Candace and Nilsa then embarked on a bikini challenge, and Candace came in third place. Nilsa was then shocked to the core when she came in second place. 

She flipped out and claimed she would never return to the bar, and rounded up her pals to leave. 

Back at the house, Codi got to work to try and get Candace in his bed because he thought they would make for a good pairing in the house. 

Nilsa Prowant

“I’ve been wanting to get with Candace for a while, so this is where I’m going to make my move,” Codi declared in a confessional.

“Some people think that by being friends with somebody first, it gets you put in the friend zone — not Codi. I can get out of the friend zone faster than you can snap your fingers.”

“Candace, my bed is empty,” he calls out. “And it needs you in it.”

Candace did not show up in his room, so Codi decided to meet her in her room, and snuggled with her. 

“What the f— are you doing?” Candace said with a laugh.

Rice, Candace

“I’m getting into bed,” he says. “I just want to snuggle up and go to sleep.”

“Codi and his flirting, I don’t take him seriously,” said Candace with a grin. “You can’t take Codi seriously!”

The duo then proceeded to go to sleep, but Kortni and her loser boyfriend, Logan appeared and wanted to have sex. 

They then took a trip to the shower and started going at it. But Nilsa got wind of it and went in to admire their naked bodies. 

Kortni Gilson on Instagram

Kortni then said that Nilsa could join them if she wanted to get closer. That was enough to scare Nilsa away. 

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Floribama Shore continues Monday on MTV. 

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