Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: World War Toothpaste

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Don't mess with Aimee's toothpaste, bruh!

On Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 2, Aimee flipped the eff out over some wasted toothpaste as a new prank from Codi sent her into an emotional meltdown. 

"Nilsa, who squirted my toothpaste all on the f--king floor?" she asked Nilsa Prowant after noticing what happened. 

"In this house, since I walked in here, there's been nothing but bullshit," Aimee subsequently said in a confessional. "I'm so angry right now. This isn't some off brand f--king toothpaste. This is the good stuff."

Aimee then made her way downstairs in a robe and a blue wig to unleash holy hell on her fellow houseguests. 

"Y'all better say a prayer for us up in here because it's about to go down," said Nilsa as her friend made her way downstairs to confront Codi and Gus. 

The duo previously pulled a prank on Kortni by moving all of her belongings into another room in the aftermath of a huge fight. 

Aimee, Floribama Shore

"Bitch, I know your messy ass did that shit," Aimee said to Codi, who denied having anything to do with the incident. 

The pair went at it, argued, and Aimee even hit Codi when he called her a "Cotton Candy Bitch." 

Aimee did not grow up in a wealthy household, so she admitted that she likes to look after what she does have and felt betrayed at the way it all went down. 

Gus was mad because he came from a similar family to Aimee's and was cut up about how this affected his friend. In the end, the houseguests managed to put the feud to bed. 

But then there was Jeremiah and Codi. If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that the pair hates one another and would probably rather speaking to Angelina Pivarnick than each other. 

Codi Butts - Floribama Shore

Yes, the relationship is that frosty.  

Codi was especially mad that Jeremiah shut him down when he tried to help calm Kortni down after her bust-up with Logan.

Codi waited until the next day to call Jeremiah out for his actions and maintained that if anyone is a tough situation, they should not look to Jeremiah for assistance. 

Jeremiah made a good point: He was the one who helped Codi when he returned to the house following his grandfather's death. Jeremiah struggles to build connections, and it could be attributed to the fact that he lived a sheltered life before the show. 

Kortni Gilson on Instagram

As for Kortni, she was all over the place following her argument with Logan. While the show seemed to edit Logan in a good light, we now know that Kortni has a restraining order against Logan

Oh, and we can't forget the myriad of mugshots of Logan floating around the internet. It's amazing how reality TV can conceal so much and build a false narrative. 

There's something different about Kortni when she's around Jeremiah. He manages to keep her grounded in a way that we never thought was possible. 

Kortni Gilson

Her actions are questionable at best, but there's a good chance the two will wind up in a relationship down the line. 

Speaking of relationships, Nilsa wants to get jiggy with Gus again. They had a tumultuous relationship on Floribama Shore Season 1, so we're not sure what a relationship between them would look like this time around. 

Gus is a player and is using his newfound fame to have sex with as many willing females as he can. Will that stop Nilsa from going there?

It's doubtful, but we will need to tune in to future episodes to find out. 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV. 

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