Big Brother Recap: Who Won Veto?

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We think it's fair to say that Kaitlyn Herman is one of the most unpredictable houseguests in the history of Big Brother. 

She's been rubbing viewers the wrong way with some of her comments which have bordered on racist, voted against the alliance she helped create, and now she's gunning for someone in her own alliance. 

In order to have a successful alliance inside the Big Brother house, you need to make sure that there's trust, and that you consult with your allies about a move you're about to make. 

Big Brother Week Two Veto Competition

For Kaitlyn, someone who prides themselves in being spiritual and in touch with the energy in the room, that thought could not be more lost on her. 

Watching the live feeds last weekend resulted in Kaitlyn covering her basis to execute a good old Big Brother backdoor. You know, the things that don't usually happen until the midway point of the season. 

Faysal started to realize something was amiss when Kaitlyn picked him to play in the Veto competition. She had a conversation with him right after about it, and said that he's already won a competition and that he should lay low. 

Faysal Shafaat - Big Brother Season 20

But for Faysal, he wanted to fight to keep the nominations the same because that would mean nobody from his alliance could wind up on the block ... whether there's a twist or not. 

The real reason for Kaitlyn having this conversation is that she did not want the man she's pining over keeping the nominations the same or it would screw up the plan she cooked up with Tyler to have Swaggy exit the house on Thursday night. 

While Faysal played it cool with Kaitlyn, he took to the Diary Room to confirm that he would not be throwing the competition and would fight as hard as he possibly could. 

Kaitlyn Herman - Big Brother Season 20

That meant Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston, Rachel, Faysal, and Tyler were competing in the competition. 

Two faces from the past returned for the competition. Last season's breakout duo Jessica Graf and Cody Nicks made their grand returns to hose the competition. 

It was all about a Big Brother dating app which would be used primarily for former houseguests. The purpose of the competition was to match former houseguests to the places they would like to date. 

The results from the competition:

Rachel – 5:49

Scottie – 18:20

Winston – 20:00

Tyler – 5:29

Faysal – 6:22

Kaitlyn – 13:12

Tyler won the POV!

Tyler Crispen

Tyler then got to work coming up with a plan worth executing. He floated the idea of bringing Scottie off the block and hoping that he would vote with the Level 6 alliance to take Swaggy out of the game. 

Kaytlin opened up to Haleigh about the plan to take Swaggy out and she took the information to Rockstar who was also less than enthused about it. 

Kaitlyn then told Faysal that she was about to do something big and that he needed to be friends with her after it. In his head, he knew what was going on but refused to believe it. 

Kaitlyn put on the fakest tears ever and renominated Swaggy C after Scottie was saved from the block. It was one of the tensest veto ceremonies in the history of the series, but Kaitlyn's wicked plan came to fruition. 

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

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Big Brother continues Thursday on CBS.

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