Audrey Roloff is Actually Getting Dragged for This Photo of Ember

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If this photo doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will.

This is what Audrey Roloff wrote as a caption to the following photograph:

Jeremy Roloff Holds Daughter

Makes perfect sense, right?

It's an image of her husband and her daughter, both looking as happy and as cute as can be.

This is the Internet, however.

And a bunch of Instagram trolls somehow managed to take a look at this precious photo and come up with reasons why Audrey ought to be ashamed of it.

Here is a sampling of what some critics have said about it:

You would think her mother would have put a cute top on her.

[Ember] might be cold while dad is wearing a long shirt and long trousers!

Cute photo, but I would have never put my daughter’s pictures on social media without a top. Too many weirdos now a days. You gotta be afraid.

We've asked this question many times before and we're sure we'll ask it again, but...

... what is wrong with people?!?

Audrey and Ember! Audrey and Ember!

Who could look at that adorable image of a father and his young child and criticize the latter for her fashion; and/or think any sort of thoughts regarding nudity simply because she's wearing a diaper.

That's totally bonkers in our book.

Just about two months ago, Audrey came under similar scrutiny for posting pictures of Ember on the beach.

Once again, to nearly any rational person, these were simply cute snapshots of a proud mother and her very cute eight-month old.

Yet Ember wasn't wearing any clothing... and that was enough to get dumb people all up in arms, once again hurling major shade at the Little People, Big World star.

With Her Precious Daughter

Oh, and her husband, too!

Jeremy Roloff also heard it from Internet users for a picture of his daughter and his hand.

Yes, his hand.

See, in THIS PHOTO, Jeremy is hoising his child up, propping her within some foliage for a pretty cool and artistic snapshot.

That was our take at least.

But others chimed in and referred to the pose as "creepy" because Jeremy is holding his daughter by her crotch.

And let's be honest: it says a whole lot more about the people who thought in this way than he did about Jeremy for doing something 100% normal and natural and harmless.

Ember is 9 Months

Audrey and Jeremy got married in September of 2014; revealed their pregnancy in February of 2017; and welcomed Ember into the world in September of last year.

She was over a week late, which must have really sucked for Audrey.

The pair told Us Weekly shortly afterward that they chose the name Ember because “campfires have been a big part of our love story.”

How sweet, right?

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