90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Talks "Perfect" Implants, Shades Fellows Cast Members

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In last year's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell-All special, Jorge Nava claimed that his wife Anfisa got mean after her paid for her boob job.

Jorge and Anfisa are one of the show's most controversial couples -- with good reason -- but Anfisa (reluctantly) opened up to fans on social media.

And one of her answers in the Q&A spilled all of the details about her boob job.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko in a Crop Top

Anfisa has been known to troll her followers from time to time, but her impromptu Q&A on Instagram was the real deal.

She hit some of these answers out of the park, and we'll get to that list, but let's start with the most important part: the boobs.

Specifically, Anfisa was asked for details on her boob job by a fan who (allegedly) wants to get hers done to match. Which sounds a litlte Single White Female, but sure.

"Anfisa please tell me what size implants," a commenter implored her. "They’re perfect and we are the same size and shape. I want to get mine done…"

Anfisa actually answered this very personal question.

"400 cc anatomically shaped moderate projection Natrelle style 410," Anfisa replied. "Got them done in Russia so sharing dr is pointless. I hope we are done with boobs questions."

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Flashes Major Sideboob

Q: "Do you regret being on the show? Not necessarily being with Jorge, but having you life public?"

A: "No. I don’t regret anything I’ve done in my life. I believe that everything happens for the best."

Q: "How do you deal with all the negative comments? So many people are so harsh to you."

A: "Same way I deal with dogs barking at me. Just move on with my life."

Q: "How old is Monkey? Did you get him as kitten or like an adult cat? Do you want more cats?"

A: "Monkey is a little over 2 years old now, I got him when he was 2 months old."

Anfisa Arkhipchenko on Her Birthday

Anfisa's answer continues: "Yes I want more cats but not right now, when I am completely settled down and have my own house I want to have more cats and dogs and parrots."

Q: "Do you have stretch marks? What treatment do you use?"

A: "Yes I do and I don’t use anything. They don’t bother me"

Q: "Does Jorge speak Spanish to you?"

A: "Si. Lol"

Q: "Do you mostly shop online or in stores?"

A: "Online. Sometimes I go into a store to try something on and then order it online because I like the feel of a brand new thing that nobody tried on before. Is it weird."

That's pretty standard. Plus, when you order something, you get a sense of anticipation.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko the Gold Digger

One of Anfisa's best answers came when she was asked about having children.

Q: "Are you and Jorge planning on starting a family?"

A: "We started it 2 years ago. We are husband and wife. That’s a family."

Great answer! And hey, at least that person didn't mention Jorge's alleged lovechild.

Q: "How did you end up on the show? Like how did that come to be?"

A: "When Jorge and I decided to apply for a fiancé visa we were looking up info about the whole process and came across a casting call for the show. We decided to apply and got chosen."

That offers some insight into how other couples may have joined the franchise.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko, Birthday

Q: "Paola and Lauren were really mean to you in the final episode, even racist, but you didn’t react, were you mad?"

A: "Honestly I was more disappointed because I thought we all should support each other as fellow cast members and we are all in the same boat. Maybe them drinking behind the scenes made them that way, I don’t know."


Finally someone asked about Anfisa's academic career.

Q: "Which classes do you enjoy the most and the least?"

A: "I like everything math and hate writing."

Well, not everyone can relate to that (I emphatically cannot) but, you know what? Good for her.

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