Ariana Grande: Engaged to Pete Davidson ... Because She's Pregnant?!

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Joyous news! Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged after only dating for a few weeks.

We of course wish them all of the happiness in the world, but some people have ... questions.

A new report tries its best to answer those.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

Of course, some fans have some alternative theories. Is Ariana racing to the altar because she's pregnant?

Back in May, we dropped the news that Ariana and Pete were seeing each other as a footnote under Ariana's Manchester Bombing anniversary tribute.

It was exciting news, but decidedly less serious.

Now, however, things have gotten very serious -- they're engaged.

How and why have they moved so quickly? A source close to Pete explains to Entertainment Tonight.

"[Ariana was in a] bad past relationship."

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Ariana openly referred to her erstwhile relationship with Mac Miller as "toxic" while slamming the claim that she caused his DUI, so that tracks.

"And now she is with someone who appreciates her and makes her laugh and just makes her feel good."

Pete Davidson is a comedian by trade, and he has always seemed to be a really good person. That's great to hear.

The source continues, and explains that this early engagement might be because of their temperaments. 

"In relationships, he is known to be the caring one and the full steam ahead guy."

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Harry Potter

Pete is definitely known for sometimes being impulsive, whether it is with tattoos or with life decisions.

(Remember, he already had two Ariana Grande tattoos within just a couple of weeks of dating)

"He is not shy about who he likes and, like with Ariana, is very public."

Well, good for him for living his best life and for being open about loving one of the greatest talents the world has ever known.

The source then theorizes about how the two of them combined form a sort of perfect storm.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Pic

"The combination of a girl who is yearning to be loved and mixing it with a guy like Pete creates this intense relationship that is moving a million miles a minute."

it is clearly doing that, with this engagement after only a few weeks of dating.

They're both freshly out of previous relationships, they're both the same age, and they're both obviously head over heels for each other.

"For both of them, this relationship is heaven compared to their past relationships."

Awwww, good for them!

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, and Wil Sylvince

"And they're just clinging to that heaven and thrilled about it."

Now, Pete has not confirmed this engagement, officially, to all of his friends just yet.

But that's okay, says the source.

Pete's loved ones "really want to see Pete happy because he is a genuinely great guy."

He really is!

Ariana's fans are, by and large, absolutely over the moon with joy and celebrating her newfound happiness, because they love her and they want her to be happy.

Ariana Grande: A Picture

But not everyone on social media is an Arianator, sadly. And that means that there are some people spinning alternative, not-so-happy theories.

"Wait! What if Ariana is already pregnant. I knew her boobs be looking bigger."

Ariana still looks like Ariana, folks. She's not shy about pointing out when her boobs have been photoshopped to look larger.

"The real tea is that they had a one night stand Pete got Ariana pregnant and now they are trying to cover it up like they've been in a loving relationship."

Not everyone is Kylie Jenner, folks.

"Ariana's gonna do a dance break at the VMA's during 'No Tears Left to Cry' and then rip open her jacket to show her pregnant belly like Beyonce did."

Ariana Grande Gets Emotional

That seems unlikely. Also, Ariana will probably bring different music to the VMAs.

"'Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged' well, she’s also been pregnant like 17 times oh and was engaged last year as well. Wow a busy woman."

Sure, plenty of rumors about her have circulated. But this is different.

To be clear, Ariana has gone out of her way to avoid shooting down the report, and has even all-but-confirmed it in direct tweets to fans.

Ariana even told one fan that yes, Pete has been informed that when he marries her, he will be vicariously marrying all Arianators.

There was some whining on social media by guys who "always thought she'd end up with a cute guy, like me." So delusions are alive and well.

Pete Davidson, Dangerous Woman Tattoo

Some folks have speculated that this engagement is the product of Pete Davidson's Borderline Personality Disorder.

But unless BPD was found to be contagious in the latest DSM, we don't think that this engagement can be dismissed so easily. It takes two to tango -- in this case, to become engaged.

Is this relationship moving very quickly? Of course. But these two lovebirds are head over heels for each other. Passion can be like that sometimes.

They're both adults and nobody's taking advantage of anybody else. They seem to have a lot in common and make each other happy.

Wherever their romance takes them, we'll all be along for hte ride. That's beautiful.

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