Caitlyn Jenner: Honored by Kylie and Kendall on Father's Day!

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Sunday was Father's Day! It's a day for celebration for some families, a bittersweet or sad day for others. Sometimes, families are complicated.

Quite a few celebrity dads received public posts from their kids.

Caitlyn's children are all adults now, but both Kylie and Kendall took the time to honor her for Father's Day. Take a look!

Caitlyn Jenner, Kylie and Kendall

Cait is a woman and a transgender icon, but she is also and will always be the father of her six children.

That includes Kylie and Kendall.

They're both adults and living their own lives -- Kylie even has a family of her own -- but she's still closer with them than some people think.

(She loves all of her kids -- even if she couldn't attend Brody Jenner's wedding because he got married during the first weekend of Pride Month, whoops)

On Monday, Caitlyn took to Instagram to share that she had enjoyed spending time with them for Father's Day.

Caitlyn Jenner Father's Day Caption 2018

"Table is set!" Caitlyn writes. "Had a great time with my family last night for Father’s Day."

Of course, we don't know how many family members that does or does not include.

Is she talking about every single one of her children? Probably not.

She's certainly not talking about Kris Jenner or the Kardashians -- she's admitted that the Kardashians don't even speak to her these days.

Some comments were absolutely vicious, from people suggesting that she should "give up' Father's Day since she's a woman to people deliberately misgendering her because they get a little thrill from being hateful online.

We're guessing that Cait spent time with at least some family members, but didn't want to call out anyone for not attending.

But while we don't know whether Kylie or Kendall were there for dinner, they both showed their dad some love on social media.

Caitlyn Jenner Father's Day Throwback by Kylie

Kylie decided to let her fans glimpse a sweet throwback of her and Caitlyn when Kylie was so unimaginably little.

In the captions, Kylie writes: "so lucky to have you."

Comments under Caitlyn Jenner's post may have included the worst dregs of humanity, but hundreds of Kylie's commenters just wrote "Lb," as they do under every post of hers.

Those people are imploring Kylie to "like back." Those people are devoid of goodness.

It's sweet of Kylie to share her own throwback post.

Especially when everyone was expecting that she would be focusing on honoring Travis Scott on his very first Father's Day as an actual father.

(She did, to be fair, write "Happy Father's Day" with a heart emoji for Travis)

Caitlyn Jenner Father's Day Throwback by Kendall

Kendall shared this image in her stories.

"Happy Father's Day to the soul that raised me," she wrote above a throwback photo of Cait with her and Kylie.

That is such a sweet pic and message.

Kendall and Cait are especially close. Just earlier this year, we saw Kendall experience an anxiety attack and drive to Caitlyn's to cool off.

Celebrity parents don't always show their love and support for their adult children in public, but the good ones do a lot that is behind the scenes.

it's good that, despite family tensions, Kendall and Kylie have been able to maintain that bond with with their dad.

Caitlyn Jenner in Austria

Caitlyn Jenner waited most of her life before she publicly transitioned into living as her authentic self.

Say what you will about her, but coming out was a courageous act.

And she's made it easier for so many transgender Americans to have a conversation with their families and coworkers about who they are.

Not all trans women would be comfortable being honored on Father's Day or for their children to continue calling them "dad." But Cait is fine with that label from her kids.

She is their dad. Her gender doesn't change that.

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