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As is so often the case for 90 Day Fiance couples, things haven’t always been so good for Nicole Nafziger and Azan.Tefou.

They’ve been trying to make this work for ages. Azan ghosted Nicole at the last reunion. And this week’s episode showed Azan flirting with other women.

Now, one of Nicole’s family members has come forward to reveal that they’ve called off their wedding. Are Nicole and Azan over?

Nicole and Azan on 90 Day Fiance
Photo via TLC

Nicole’s father, Joe Fouraker, tells RadarOnline that Nicole had to cancel her wedding to Azan and return home to Florida.

"They called it off," Joe reports.

Nicole has returned to the U.S. from Morocco as of May 21.

Joe explains: "They said the timing wasn’t right."

Sometimes, that’s a euphemism for relationship troubles.

In this case, its meaning is literal.

Nicole had moved to Morocco to marry Azan in preparation for him coming back to the U.S. with her and obtaining citizenship.

But her visa ran out.

Literally, the timing was not right.

Nicole and Azan, Affectionate
Photo via Instagram

Joe is not exactly hiding his feelings or mincing words about Nicole’s canceled wedding.

He says that this turn of events was proof that his and his wife’s "prayers were answered." 

Joe and his wife Robbalee, you see, are not big fans of Azan.

But despite the canceled wedding and the move back home, Joe reveals that the two of them are still together.

"Is she going back to get married?" Joe asks, admitting: "I don’t know."

Obviously, he is rooting for them to not tie the knot.

Nicole and Azan Tefou
Photo via Instagram

So, how are things for Nicole and Azan these days?

Joe reveals: "She still talks to him."

Well, that makes since, given that they are still engaged.

"I think she still intends to go back" to Morocco, Joe guesses.

At the very least, he says, she would need to return for one very important belonging.

Joe reveals: "The wedding dress is still there."

Nicole didn’t return to Florida by choice.

"She had to come back here," Joe explains.

“She was there for almost six months," Nicole’s father says of her stint in Morocco.

That would explain why her visa ran out.

"She is now living with her sister in a mobile home," he says. "Her daughter May is with her."

Nicole and Azan, Double Selfie
Photo via Instagram

On this week’s episode, 90 Day Fiance viewers were treated to a less-than-happy scene.

In it, Azan appeared to be cheating on Nicole.

"I want a kiss right now," Azan could be heard saying. "The kiss was good."

Different relationships come with different boundaries, but this is usually not what people want to hear their fiance saying to other girls.

"What did you dream about last night?" Azan asked. "I think you want it."

Azan explained to Nicole that his behavior was the result of alcohol, not a desire to stray.

Nicole and Azan
Photo via TLC

Joe doesn’t think much of all of that.

"He had an explanation," Joe says. "And said, ‘That was before I met you."

That’s even more outlandish than blaming alcohol for your own words.

"She believed him," Joe says.

He laments that his daughter is a kindhearted optimist.

Joe says: "She wants to believe the best in people."

90 Days

But then Joe really lays into Nicole.

"She isn’t mature enough to understand people will take advantage of her," he claims.


Joe gets even meaner, saying: "She’s a foolish young lady."


Maybe we should take some things — at least character assessments — that Joe Fouraker says with a grain of salt.

Who talks about their own daughter that way?