Meghan Markle Dragged by Sister: Stop Treating People Like Trash!

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While the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry enthralled millions worldwide, some of her own family members weren't among them.

Yes, those closest to the American actress almost made a point of showing us why none of them - save her mother - were even invited.

Samantha Markle Twitter Pic

Most glaringly, the bride-to-be's sister Samantha couldn't stop blasting the royal family for what she feels is something kind of major.

Does she have a point?

As a huge gesture, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry invited the serfs - sorry, the common non-royal people - to attend the wedding from a respectable distance.

But these guests, who will not actually be entering the chapel where the ceremony will take place, were advised to bring their own food.

Yes, bring their own meals for a picnic lunch ... as they won't even have the option of buying food.

Samantha Markle

Samantha Markle couldn't see that and not respond with a tweet.

She wrote:

"For the , instead of shuffling homeless people to the outskirts of Windsor, there should be a tented area with steak dinners, music, job corps, and housing representatives, set up to improve their lives."

(The 1,200 guests were selected from various charities that the royal couple supports.)

Samantha continues her tweet, saying:

"Homeless people are human. Treat them with dignity. Namaste."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Stare at Each Other

Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting often used in the West during yoga.

Samantha followed up that tweet with another, in which she expresses further outrage ... allegedly on behalf of these guests:

"Wow do they get sent to dungeons if their children get grouchy and express that they’re hungry with no catering?"

That's ... not something that's been within the power of the British Royal Family for generations.

"Bring your own picnic basket? Really?"

Samantha Markle Picture

She compares this wedding to other events, and may be throwing a little shade at Meghan's career, with this parting shot:

"Even low-budget film sets have roach coaches selling burgers and taquitos."

While the term roach coach is a little much, it's worth noting that only because of decades of hard-fought union battles are actors and others who work on set entitled to craft services.

But we digress.

In an op-ed in The Guardian that Samantha Markle shared, at least one writer also considers it tacky and hypocritical for the royal family to invite these guests and not feed them.

Meghan and the Prince

That opinion piece likens inviting these guests to calling in a bunch of "TV extras" for the wedding ceremony.

Others have voiced similar criticisms, comparing these 1,200 spectators to "props" and calling the invitations themselves and empty gesture.

It's easy to see where these critics are coming from.

After all, you have to think a lot of yourself to consider that allowing others to glimpse you getting married is a "gift."

That said, this was a royal wedding. Of course people are excited to be invited to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Out & About

Now, Meghan Markle's estranged sister has had a lot to say in recent months, and there's no doubt she's loving the attention.

We'd be remiss not to mention that Samantha Markle has been exposed as a lying opportunist by her own ex-husband.

As people eagerly anticiated Meghan's wedding day, it's easy to understand why Samantha's name wasn't on the guest list.

This is a woman who will yell into the void to anyone who will give her the chance, insisting that it's Meghan who hates her family.

Bitter and vindictive much?

Meghan Markle Says Hello

At the same time, it's difficult for many to imagine why she won't give her own sister a moment's peace, especially in light of recent events.

Not only did Meghan get married this month, but their dad had a heart attack, reportedly from the strain of the situation.

However, others can understand why Samantha would be so outspoken, even if the goal is potentially profit from the media coverage.

Samantha Markle has since responded to headlines referring to her "shading" Meghan, writing:

"The world has gone mad and it’s quite comical that the new word for the 'truth' is #shade."

She displays a fundamental misunderstanding.

Shade or throwing shade is insulting someone indirectly; it is akin to a backhanded compliment or a subtle jab.

Tea is the word for "truth."

Just so that we're clear.

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