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Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is accused of sexually assaulting two different women, including his former nanny, who shared the details of her harrowing story.

Now, his ex and another co-star are speaking up – but fans aren’t happy with what they have to say. They don’t like Bravo’s response, either.

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And as more and more viewers discuss the possibility of a boycott, another woman has come forward about a scary encounter.

Kathryn Dennis spoke to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and she had very little to say about her ex-boyfriend who is also the father of her two young children.

"Well, I’m waiting until the investigation is complete before I comment on anything, and right now my kids are my focus."

Kathryn does share two children with her ex, so fans can understand that this is a touchy subject.

Craig Conover was also less than eager to weigh in.

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"Yeah, all I know is what I see in the media so it really wouldn’t be right for me to say anything at this point. I’m aware – everyone else is."

Most of the interview that the two had was about much lighter topics.

As it turns out, there’s a reason for that.

According to Will Folks of Fitnews, there’s a reason that these two don’t seem to have much to say.

"We’re told hefty fines and possible termination have been threatened against any Southern Charmers who talk out of school about the case."

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It looks like they’re avoiding talking in more situations than just talk show interviews with the head of their network.

"Meanwhile, law enforcement sources familiar with Bravo’s response to the scandal have described encountering ‘resistance’ from cast members as they attempt to get to the bottom of the allegations."

That, folks, is alarming.

Whatever anyone thinks about Ravenel’s innocense or guilt, Charleston police are investigating the man for multiple accusations of rape.

Directions from a network do not outweigh a criminal investigation.

We certainly hope that no one has been instructed to obstruct justice, and that no one has interpreted an internal gag order as an instruction to obstruct justice.

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In the mean time, there are reports that advertisers are very quietly pulling their support for Southern Charm.

As the Ravenel case heats up, it’s likely that they want to avoid being named in boycotts.

Media purchasers have shared on social media that they’ve had clients who are backing out of the show.

At the same time, fans of Southern Charm and other shows have been slamming Ravenel – and slamming Bravo for what they see as an effort to avoid the subject and possibly protect an accused predator.

"Every single week on #SouthernCharm, Thomas Ravenel says something deeply misogynistic."

"It’s clear that he has no real respect for women."

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Fans are not having a difficult time reconciling Ravenel’s public image with the accusations against him.

"I’m a die hard @Bravotv fan, but @Andy & Bravo’s silence on Thomas Ravenel’s sexual assault charges speaks volumes #boycottsoutherncharm"

The word "boycott" is coming up a lot.

"Thomas Ravenel is under investigation for sexual assault. Sadly, I’m not surprised. He’s a disgusting man."

And fans point out on social media that other networks are (slowly but surely) getting with the program and kicking accused monsters to the curb.

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"Networks, Cable, Netflix, Amazon, Movies all fire or suspend the accused. Except #Bravo. #Bravo remains silent and, it appears, in support of the accused."

Yet another woman has come forward to put Thomas Ravenel on blast. This time, it’s a childhood friend of Kim Kardashian’s.

Luzanne Otte describes how she had a fling with the star and found him to be, well, a charming southern gentleman … at first.

After one week, she says, they came home from a pleasant dinner and she found him coming up the stairs, hurling verbal abuse in her direction.

She says that the sudden behavioral twist seemed to come out of nowhere, and that she feared that if she said or did the wrong thing at that time, that he would become physically violent.

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Speaking to The Daily Mail, Otte was unwilling to say whether he became physical during the encounter.

She does say that it was frightening, and that though he calmed down and apologized, no one has the right to treat anyone that way.

Seven months later, she says, Ravenel and his current girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, began cyberbullying her.

Otte says that she has faced threats and had to obtain a cease and desist order against Ravenel and Jacobs.

Luzanne Otte’s story of her scary encounter with Ravenel and the aftermath of it are not as frightening as the accusations of rape that the police are investigating.

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Obviously, this situation is still playing out and Ravenel is innoncent until proven guilty. Yet many fans believe they see a pattern.

Like his history of misogynistic comments on Southern Charm, a number of fans consider it as a … character reference.

Fans are clearly disappointed to perceive that Bravo is circling the wagons around one of their stars.

Ratings for Southern Charm are good, and Ravenel can undoubtedly claim some measure of credit for that.

But that should not excuse anyone from a criminal investigation.