Justin Bieber: Shading Selena Gomez for Faking Happiness?

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The 2018 MET Gala has come and gone, leaving us all with photos and fond memories of extraordinary outfits like Rihanna's and Zendaya's. Also, a lot of disappointments.

Justin Bieber was not in attendance, but that didn't stop him from posting a curiously cryptic tweet early the following morning.

Was the Biebs throwing shade at the MET Gala ... or just at Selena Gomez herself?

Justin Bieber: Shirtless on the Beach

Justin Bieber reportedly believes that it's God's plan for Selena Gomez to take him back.

He is a devout Christian from a family of devout Christians (check his mom's Instagram from time to time; she's been known to post End Times materials).

So it absolutely make sense that he would view major life events such as the biggest relationship of his life through a religious lens.

But, in the mean time, the two have been broken up since March.

And a lot of fans can't help but wonder if Justin was referring to Selena when he wrote this:

Justin Bieber's cryptic IG message

"Hey world that glamorous lifestyle you see portrayed by famous people on Instagram don’t be fooled thinking their life is better than yours."

That's almost a sentence.

"I can promise you it’s not."

While plenty of commenters pointed out how much money would improve their lives, others guessed at the timing of Justin's post.

This was early in the morning, following the MET Gala.

And Justin's ex, Selena Gomez, had attended.

Selena Gomez at the Gala

We absolutely adore Selena Gomez, but while her dress is fine, it doesn't really meet the assignment of the MET Gala.

Rihanna came out dressed like a stylish, sexy pope. Zendaya's outfit was so inspirational that people have been drawing fanart of her as a warrior.

Chadwick Boseman, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and others really lived up to and exceeded our expectations.

But some wonder if Justin saw these photos -- the official ones, and the personal ones posted to social media -- and grew jealous of the happy expressions.

Maybe he wasn't so much speaking to fans as he was reminding himself that a smiling photograph does not equate to happiness.

And, indirectly, telling himself that Selena isn't necessarily happy without him.

That's what some fans interpreted his cryptic PSA to mean, anyway.

Justin Bieber Likes Basketball

Let us consider, for a moment, that he was not referring specifically to Selena.

Perhaps he was making a broader statement.

Perhaps he was blasting many fellow celebrities -- and we should note that Selena was not his only ex at the MET Gala.

(Hailey Baldwin, of course, attended arm-in-arm with Shawn Mendes)

Some celebrities go through awkward phases during which they reject many of the trappings of fame because they're "fake" or whatever.

Or maybe Justin was really just trying to assure people at home that beautiful famous people have bad days, too.

Justin Bieber, Shirtless Tattoos

There is also a chance that Bieber, though not a Catholic, took offense at the Gala's Catholicism motif.

Though the Vatican approved it and even loaned a number of items for the event, a number (who were not aware of this) tried to raise an uproar and allege "cultural appropriation," which this is not.

(For so many reasons, dressing like Catholic art with the official approval of the Vatican is not cultural appropriation)

Maybe Bieber was offended that people were using some pieces of Christian imagery as a costume.

But that, too, is just fan speculation.

That's the problem with cryptic tweets -- they leave people wondering what you really mean.

One of Justin's biggest hits was "What Do You Mean," so ... he should understand that.

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