Jill Duggar Throws Shade at Josh Duggar & Derick Dillard: They're NOT Okay!

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Jill Duggar is generally not one to make waves.

The second-eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Jill has spent the majority of her life meeting the demands of her ludicrously strict upbringing.

Jill Duggar Pregnancy

On the reality shows that made her Arkansas family famous, Jill, who turns 27 on May 17, quickly emerged as a fan favorite.

Modest enough to appeal to the fundamentalist segment of the Duggars' fan base, but independent enough to give hope to those who watch in ... hopes that she and her sisters will one day break away.

When Jill married Derick Dillard in 2014, however, her public image took a turn for the worse, partially for reasons outside her control.

No one could've predicted the damage Josh Duggar would do to their reputations, or the scrutiny every family member would endure thereafter.

But it was Dillard, brash and abrasive where Jill was meek and kind, who has emerged as the most divisive figure in recent years.

Jill Duggar: Certified Midwife?

Last year, Derick was fired from Counting On after making comments about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings that many considered transphobic.

Shortly thereafter, Jill quit the show in a gesture of solidarity, thus leaving her young family with no source of income.

These days, Jill has a lot of time on her hands.

As a result, she often uses it to post on social media, despite the fact that her content frequently disturbs her fan base.

This week, Jill posted a list of prayers for her two children, both young boys, that many took as evidence of bigotry.

Jill Duggar Nose Piercing

The items on the list were mostly innocuous concerns.

Prayers for “Their salvation,” “That they would be kept morally pure,” “That they would love each other," and such? Who doesn't want that.

But the last prayer really struck a nerve with fans, many of whom considered it further evidence of Jill's transphobia.

The response from Instagram users was swift and harsh, with some accusing Jill of rank hypocrisy:

“But it’s ok to be a homophobic, cheating molester who is literally making money from having their family on a reality show,” wrote one fan.

Duggar Date Night

The comments seem to refer to her eldest sibling Josh Duggar - who molested five young girls while living under his parents' roof.

And also to her own husband, Derick, whose homophobia and eagerness to broadcast it has been well-documented over the years.

Now, Jill is criticized on social media quite regularly, with followers taking issue with everything from her parenting to her wardrobe.

How she dresses, what she does with her kids, how she interacts with her husband ... nothing is out of bounds for Duggar followers. 

But this time is different in that Jill actually replied.

Jill Duggar Promotes Milk on Instagram

Duggar weighed in on this comment thread:

“I have never said those actions were ok.”

That may seem like a very mild response.

And it is, on its own merit, but consider this:

As many have pointed out, it constitutes the first time that Jill has expressed any misgivings about the behavior or beliefs of her brother and husband.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new day for Jill.

Jill Duggar's "Sexy" Attire

Maybe she'll finally join the rest of the world in calling out the male members of her family for their more problematic actions.

What seems more likely, however, is that Jill has simply grown tired of being lumped in with men like Derick and Josh.

Should their actions be representative of her as well? Fairly or not, they often are. This must leave her slightly unnerved.

Some feel that she's complicit with their behavior, while others see Jill as a victim, unable to break free in their patriarchal social structure.

The truth may be somewhere in between.

Whatever the case, she's clearly fed up with being associated with the more shameful aspects of her family history.

As always, you can watch Counting On online for more on the ever-controversial Duggar clan of Arkansas.

And follow Jill on social media, where the next controversy is always just a seemingly harmless photo away.

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