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Even though Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently celebrated his anniversary with Meri, rumors swirled that Meri has found a new man.

But things still seem to be pretty solid for Kody and Janelle.

Kody Brown, Janelle Brown at U2
Photo via Instagram

In fact, the two went on a romantic concert date … and Janelle shared the photos so that everyone could share in the experience.

Janelle seems very happy in her marriage. We only wish that this were the case for a certain troubled sister wife of hers.

Poor Meri Brown. She’s had a rough go of things.

Worst of all was her catfishing scandal which was also a cheating scandal, of sorts. She has seemed so unhappy for a long time.

But just a few weeks ago, she and Kody went out and about together to celebrate their anniversary.

She’s not Kody’s only wife, of course.

Janelle Brown shares U2 concert pic

For the most part, Janelle has avoided the scandals that have plagued her Sister Wives … or at least Meri, most notably.

She is known for having never legally married Kody (under current laws, he can only legally be married to one wife at a time).

Janelle is also known for her dramatic weight loss, and she has gone on to share tips with fans and viewers.

It appears that things are still pleasant between them, and that Kody and Janelle treated themselves to a concert.

Janelle Brown in Black
Photo via Getty

Janelle shared a selfie from the audience and a glimpse of the performance, captioning the photos:

"I’ve wanted to see U2 in concert since I was 19."

So this has been a long time coming.

"Finally made it 30 years later and with my love."

You could feel how thrilled she was.

"So dang excited."

Janelle Brown in Purple
Photo via Getty

Janelle and Kody are both 49, so it stands to reason that they grew up with relatively similar music tastes – though plenty of people pick up on their partner’s music.

The two saw the U2 show in Las Vegas and Janelle was happy to share a glimpse of that fun with her fans and followers.

Fans have noted that Janelle continues to seem happy with her polygamous marriage to Kody.

She was, like her sister wives, impacted by Meri’s catfishing scandal. They all were. She noted to Meri that nothing in their marriage happens in a vacuum.

It was enough to make Meri wonder if she needed to leave Kody for everyone’s sake.

Janelle Brown Weight Loss with Kody Brown
Photo via Instagram

It’s great for Janelle that she enjoys her marriage to Kody, unconventional as it may seem to most of us on the outside.

Even if it isn’t legally recognized, it’s still a relationship, and by all accounts a happy one at that.

But even some in polyamorous relationships object to Sister Wives because they consider it a negative portrayal.

Though Kody wanted to do the series in order to push for acceptance and legalization of polygamy, he may be undercutting his efforts.

Just by … well, being himself.

Meri Brown in Chicago
Photo via Instagram

His reaction to Meri’s catfishing scandal – admitting that he didn’t even want to have sex with Meri anymore – did not exactly win many people over.

At this point, having observed what we have, would anyone really blame her if she decided to move on with a new man?

A lot of people, including Sister Wives fans, find Kody to be creepy and single-minded, egocentric and generally off-putting.

Many viewers enjoy the show, but they watch for the wives – Robyn, Christine, Janelle, and Meri – and for the children.

Not unlike the Duggars in that way.

Janelle may be happy with Kody, but some wonder if it’s only a matter of time before Meri leaves him to live a happier life.

And that’s assuming that she isn’t in the process of doing that already, which, again, has been reported in recent weeks.

Janelle, however, looks like she’s still happy right where she is.