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At this point, anyone with an Internet connection is aware that Tristan Thompson has cheated on Khloe Kardashian.

There’s actual video footage of the professional baller making out and being groped with three women in Washington DC, while there’s a recording of him walking into a hotel at 5 a.m. on a Sunday with a different woman.

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The first incident described above took place in October, when Kardashian was three months along in her pregnancy.

The second incident took place a mere two weeks ago, when Kardashian was well over eight months along in her pregnancy.

(The reality star just welcomed her and Thompson’s daughter early on April 12, meanwhile, the day after news of this scandal broke.)

Based on just this pair of examples alone, the world of social media has come together and agreed: Tristan Thompson sucks.

But we’ve now learned that he may suck even more than previously believed…

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According to The Daily Mail, Thompson didn’t just cheat on Kardashian on a couple of sort of random occasions.

The British publication alleges to have photos of a woman named Tania that sources say carried on a lengthy affair with Thompson.

These pictures purportedly depict numerous times in which Thompson and Tania hung out over the past several months, with the images showing Tristan and this supposed side piece eating together and getting along very well.

There are no photos of them being physical with each other, however.

However, The Daily Mail claims Tania would actually travel the country to watch Thompson play basketball, citing one instance in particular when she took in a Cavs away game versus the Boston Celtics. 

(Afterward, we presume, she would take it from Tristan himself. If you know what we mean.)

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As we said above, it’s difficult for nearly anyone to have a lower opinion of Thompson at the moment even before this report surfaced.

But if he really had a legitimate side piece?

A woman he was flying around the country to bang at various times while Khloe sat at home and waiting to birth his child?

Sheesh, man.

At this point, however, it’s perhaps worth noting that Radar Online claims to have spoken to Tania’s parents.

We have no idea how they tracked these people down.

But Tania’s mother and father say talk that their daughter has been sleeping with Thompson is simply "not true."

Moreover, such allegations have really brought their kid down.

“She’s telling me nothing happened,” the father tells Radar. “She’s a friend of one of the guys who plays on the same team" and is "very upset" by assertions of anything more.

Mom and Dad go on to say that their daughter was raised by a good "Christian family" and would never have sex with a man who was essentially married.

And just in case Kardashian doesn’t buy what she is selling?

"Tell Khloe to call me so I can assure her this is not true," the mother says.

We’ll pass that piece of advice on to Keeks.

But she may be too busy to take it right now.

The poor 33-year old is barely one full day into motherhood and not even three full days into living in a world in which every single person knows her boyfriend has been disloyal.

We can’t imagine what that must be like for Khloe.

If there’s anything at all that we can do for her, we hope Kardashian reaches out and asks.