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If Tristan Thompson was hoping to find solace from his personal life in his professional life, well…

… he’ll need to hope that things turn around quickly for he and his basketball team.

Tristan Thompson with the Ball
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On Sunday afternoon, in front of a sold out arena in Cleveland and millions of people watching across the country, Thompson’s Cavs were thumped by the Indiana Pacers in Game One of their Eastern Conference playoff matchup.

The final score was 98-80, as LeBron James suffered his first-ever career loss in a first round opener.

As Thompson himself?

Did he at least acquit himself well on the court, following a week in which he made news off of it for multiple alleged affairs behind the back (and pregnant belly) of Khloe Kardashian?

Not at all.

Thompson only played the final two minutes of the game, after the outcome was very much decided… and he did not score a single point.

Afterwards, no one on the team blamed Thompson or his wandering penis for serving as a distraction in the days leading up to the big game.

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James said he’s been down three games to one in the NBA Finals and gone on to win the title, so he isn’t concerned here about the big picture.

But it’s hard not to wonder what the team talked about in the locker room and whether or not Thompson’s unethical actions played any role at all in the team underperforming to such a significant level.

To be clear, though:

Tristan wasn’t benched for cheating on Kardashian, considering he continually lost minutes to Larry Nance Jr. and Jeff Green as the season ticked down.

He simply can’t spread the floor for Cleveland in the same way he spread the legs of numerous women over the past few months while Khloe sat at home waiting to birth his daughter.

It’s just not a great time to be Tristan Thompson right now.

Mom and Dad Pic
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News of Thompson’s infidelity went viral late last week, just a day before Khloe welcomed a baby girl into the world.

Sources have confirmed that Thompson was in the room for the delivery, but Kardashian is expected to fly back to Los Angeles once she feels up for it and raise the baby far away from her father.

This is what sister Kim is reportedly encouraging her sibling to do.

Could anyone blame Khloe for listening and agreeing to this advice?

Thus far, however, neither Khloe nor Tristan has actually commented on this scandal.

No matter what you think of Thompson’s behavior, it is important to remember that a small human being is now in the picture.

Even if Khloe no longer wants to romance Tristan, she’ll need to work something out with him for the sake of her child.

In the meantime, the Cavs take on the Pacers in Game 2 this Wednesday night.

Will things finally turn around at all for the flailing power forward?