The Voice Recap: Who Made the Most of The Playoffs?

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The Playoffs continued on Tuesday night's episode of The Voice which found Blake and Alicia's singers performing to get some votes to advance to the live shows. 

With the votes being cast during the show, the results are scheduled to be announced during a special Wednesday night telecast. 

Let's break down the ten performances that took place on the episode. 

Alicia Keys, The Voice Season 14

Team Blake

Spensha Baker - “Smoke Break”

Spensha brought more of the same in her performance, and that was the best thing to do. She already wowed the coaches earlier in the process, so it made sense for her to stick to what she does best. 

WILKES - “Don’t Speak”

Wilkes is poised to make it far into the competition, and that's down to his rock-solid vocals that have been present ever since his first performance. His latest performance was similar to his others, and we would go as far as ruling him as one of the finalists. 

Pryor Baird - “9 to 5”

This performance was a bit all over the place to take seriously. Pryor is as talented as they come, but song choice is key, and this classic song was not for him. He should steer well away from Dolly Parton in future. 

Adam Levine on The Voice Season 14

Austin Giorgio - "Love Yourself"

Austin completely ruined all his credibility by performing a Justin Bieber song. It seemed more like a desperate ploy to get the votes from the younger crowd than one that made sense. The vocals were not strong, and Austin may have caused himself his place in the competition. 

Gary Edwards - "America the Beautiful”

Gary is one of the weaker performers on Team Blake, and his latest performance all but confirmed that. There's not much more he can do at this stage aside from being sent home. 

Team Alicia

Terrence Cunningham - “Ain’t Nobody”

This performance started slow but picked up the pace quickly. However, it took a little to get to the good stuff, and we fear that most viewers probably zoned out before that stage. 

Christiana Danielle - “Take Me to Church”

There were some glaring issues with this performance, and while we could say it was the song choice, Christiana's earlier performances have not been all that. Her tenure in the competition should be over soon. 

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice Season 14

Jackie Foster - “Alone”

In all honesty, Jackie struggles with her performances because she does not know what her sound is. She changes things up too much, and it becomes difficult to get on board with an artist who is not at ease. 

Kelsea Johnson - “Need You Bad”

Kelsea was one of the better female voices on the show last night and proved that she's one of the artists that can leave a lasting impression on everyone. She should advance to the live shows, but you can never really tell with this show. 

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton on The Voice

Johnny Bliss - “One and Only”

Johnny is hands down one of the most engaging performers, and he knows how to put on a show. The good thing is that his vocals remained on point throughout. He should stay in the process. 

What did you think of the performances?

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The Voice continues Wednesday night on NBC.

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