Matt Roloff is Here to Clap Back Against Talk of Family Tension

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Matt Roloff is a man on a mission.

Yes, the Little People, Big World patriarch wants you to tune in to his family's long-running reality show.

But he doesn't want you to do so because you are anxious to see a great deal of in-fighting among Roloffs, young and old.

Matt with Ember

Indeed, while most reality show try to sell drama in order to lure in viewers, Matt does not want to be like most reality stars.

In anticipation of new episodes returning this week to TLC, Roloff actually hurled some shade in the direction of Little People, Big World crew members, accusing them of editing footage to make it seem like his relatives don't get along.

"We’ve been pushing the new producers to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront," Roloff wrote on Facebook, adding:

"For some reason, these new producers/editors that come in to work...don’t know the show and want to amplify the negative...

"I’m not sure we can take that kinda of editing much longer. Errrrr."

Wow, did Matt really threaten to quit his own series?

We can't imagine this really comes to that, but Roloff took to Facebook again on Wednesday in order to drive his whole family harmony point home.

Play Time with Ember

"I love this little hang out time with Ember Jean," Roloff wrote as a caption to the video from which we took the two screen captures above.

Fair (and obvious) enough, right?

But it's what he wrote next that we took as a message he very much wanted to pass on to all friends and followers:

"The back story is ... Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff were in the other part of the barn doing their interviews for lpbw and they asked me and caryn if we would watch Ember for an hour while there we in the next room."

This may seem like a small point, but it was said with a purpose.

Among the reasons some Little People, Big World fans think there's tension among various family members is because Matt is involved with Caryn Chandler.

Matt and Caryn Chandler

Heck, he may even be engaged to Caryn Chandler!

Chandler formerly worked as a manager at the Roloff Farm, meaning she knew Amy Roloff pretty well back when she and Matt started dating.

You can imagine how that would be a little awkward, can't you?

Nevertheless, Amy has handled everything with maturity and class, showing no signs of anger or jealousy.

(It helps, of course, that she's seriously involved herself with Chris Marek.)

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff and Grandkids

As you can see above, Amy and Matt really do get along just fine these days.

But so many critics out there refuse to believe it; they think Chandler is the source of major discord among the Roloffs.

This is why Matt added the note in his caption that Jeremy and Audrey gladly handed their daughter off to both Matt AND Caryn to babysit.

The couple must think pretty highly of Chandler is they're willing to let her watch their only child, right?

We're buying in. We're on board.

The Roloffs may have the occasional disagreement, but they are clearly a tight clan that has overcome quite a few obstacles over the years.

And that's why we tune in!

There's plenty of melodrama out there.

Give us legitimate, heartfelt connections between loved ones any day over all the other scripted nonsense on reality television/

Don't you feel the same way?

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